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Organizing a Glamorous Camping Trip

Camping is one of those great pastimes where we go take advantage of wilderness that is part of the heritage of the world. Many of us have particularly favorite places that we like to go for camping. These can be out in the distant parts of some family land or a major national park with plenty of preserved land. The key is simply getting away from it all for a little while with a more minimalist take on life. Understandably, that’s not always a situation that leaves us the most comfortable. Many of us have gotten used to a little bit of discomfort out of camping over the years, but lately people have been rejecting the idea that camping has to be uncomfortable. That’s lead to the idea of “glamping” where one makes the absolute best of the situation without ignoring the spirit of camping. We’ve got a few tips on how to help organize and enjoy such a trip.

Picking A Place
Depending on where you are in the world it can be either easy or difficult to find places to go camping. In the United States, it is relatively easy thanks to generations of legislation working to preserve swathes of the wilderness and their ecosystems from development. The greenery is as much part of the country’s heritage as its much vaunted democratic ideals. You can do a bit of research anywhere in the world to find the right place for your trip. What you want to do is figure out how the kind of camping trip experience that you want and work out the location based on that. Plenty of parks have various camping ground options meant to cater to people of all different physical capabilities. There are almost always formalized camping grounds where you can park a vehicle relatively nearby and unpack your gear, but there are other campgrounds that require a bit of hiking to get to them. Research the park or place you’d like to camp to see what is available and discuss it with the rest of your group before picking a place for sure.

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Consider Your Gear
The amount and type of gear you’ll want to pack should be guided off of where, when, and what kind of camping you intend to be doing with your group. You have a lot of options when you’re considering setting up in one of the more easily accessible campgrounds with your vehicle nearby. That opens up the ability to create a truly beautiful and personalized campsite in a way that isn’t as easy when you start involving hiking. Hiking to a campsite requires the immediate considerations of how far the camp is as well as the overall weight you and the others can carry. Some things, like a mattress, are less of a good idea when you’ll be hiking for a few miles and need to carry everything with you. You can still work in a lot of little touches that can help you to create a more enjoyable experience though. Just be aware of the amount of space in people’s packs and their endurance before suggesting anything too extravagant.

Glamming It Up
What separate camping and glamping is the level of personalized and comfort experienced by participants. Many people involved in glamping tend to bring various items to help customize their tents to create luxurious nests to relax in. This means various pillows and blankets that end up making it hard to tell you’re not sleeping back at home. Others take this a step farther with a mattress that fits within a tent and a full spread of linens to make for a truly comfortable experience. Glamming also tends to have an emphasis on the technology that you have with you. We’re not necessarily talking about having your phone with you out in the middle of nowhere, but you’ll be able to get a lot done with solar-powered convenience items such as lanterns and other small things. They cut out the need for fuel as well as making the place feel that much homier. People often further customize their campsite with aesthetically pleasing lights and sometimes even scented candles. The key is to remember to clean up after yourself and don’t leave anything in a position to cause a fire or spread it.

Glamping is about making camping a more enjoyable habit for those of us who don’t necessarily like the perfect “roughing it” experience, but still want to get out and enjoy nature. The goal is to turn a campsite in a sort of open air home that lets you feel comfortable while still stripping away some of the more annoying “conveniences” of modern life for a little while. Do your research to find the right camping area and you’re sure to be able to create an enjoyable experience with your friends and family.

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