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OROGOLD Guide to Eye Cream

Eye creams are one of those specialized products that some people use and others don’t. They’re highly useful though and OROGOLD would like to encourage you to try eye creams in your routine. This is primarily because they can help provide specialized attention where it is often needed the most on the face. Eye creams are specially formulated for use on some of the most sensitive skin of your face. You can use less specialized products, but the potency or roughness of the product could very well damage the skin around your eye if you’re not careful. Don’t worry though as you’d typically need to be using products that are particularly rough on skin for it to be a chronic problem. We’d like to go over a couple of the better forms of eye cream that you can look for when trying to incorporate it into your routine and the appropriate way to apply it. This will give you a solid foundation to do your own product hunting with while ensuring you know how to be delicate yet effective in its use.

SPF Eye Creams
It may seem a bit excessive, but some eye creams a formulated specifically as sunscreens. Many of these products tend to likewise contain antioxidants as well for an extra measure of utility. These are particularly useful thanks to how dangerous the sun can be to the skin around your eyes. Remember that it is far thinner than the rest of your skin. This leads to a number of issues being more common around the eyes. Fine lines, skin discoloration, and premature aging all tend to appear around the eyes with greater ease if you’re not taking steps to prevent it. Sun damage can cause all of these. For that reason alone, we recommend looking for an eye cream intended for daily use to provide that much cherished SPF. It won’t make the skin immune to damage, but it will cover a common point of neglect for many people.

Anti-Aging Eye Creams
These creams are particular dear to OROGOLD as we have experience when it comes to putting anti-aging eye creams together. Most of these contain some form of retinol, a form of vitamin A. Retinol offers a number of topical benefits when applied to the skin. One of the most useful for our purposes is that it is capable of cleaning up light skin discolorations from sun damage and the natural course of aging. However, the most important part of the ingredient is that it helps to boost collagen production in the skin. Collagen provides the support structure for your skin and is much less present in the area around your eyes. This is why fine lines are so common in those areas. Age reduces the collagen in your skin and this gradual lack is noticeable far sooner where the skin is the thinnest. An extra benefit for those with a tendency for dark circles around their eyes is that thickening the skin alone can help reduce the appearance of the circles.

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Applying Eye Creams Properly
Due to the thinness of the skin around the eyes, it is best to take a gentle approach when applying an eye cream. Most of the time you should aim to apply a series of light dots along the intended area of application. You should then begin to lightly massage it along the skin using only your ring finger. The use of this finger is for a very important reason. The ring finger is typically the weakest finger of the hand and this reduces the chance of unwanted pulling when massaging the eye cream in. It may take a few times to get used to using your ring finger in this fashion, but it is very easy to do once you get in the habit. The overall disuse of the finger for any particular task is the only thing that makes things a bit difficult. Some creams may have particular application instructions unique to that specific product and we, therefore, encourage you to carefully read the directions before applying any eye cream.

Eye creams should be something most people consider adding to their skin care routine at some point in their life. OROGOLD supports people picking out a daily use eye cream earlier in life to both get in the habit of applying eye cream and to protect their skin from the sun. For those of us with a bit more experience, we can make ready use of anti-aging eye creams as a welcome addition to our other products. They provide pinpoint care that can make a big difference with regards to how tired we look on a day to day basis.

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