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Plan a Private Tour of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders of the continental United States. Its sprawling vistas have captured people’s imaginations for centuries and drawn them from the world over. Situated at the intersection of several states, the Grand Canyon offers a scenic place to visit for many people in the American Southwest. Not everyone wants to deal with the push and shove that comes from dealing with the standard crowds around the canyon though. You can do far better for yourself and instead take private tours around and through the canyon as you see fit. Planning one of these can offer you the kind of experience that few can ever match and provide you with memories for years to come.

Consider Your Time and Health
Your biggest consideration when planning a private tour is how much time you have to spend on the tour. Some options for exploring the Grand Canyon are more leisurely than others. A walking tour won’t cover much, but could allow you to see several sights along the way in an appropriate area. You could cover still more by taking a private vehicle tour along the canyon as well. These cater fairly well to people who have a day or so to spend, but not much longer. People who can spend more time may want to consider a backpacking tour though. These take anywhere from a day to several days and are professionally guided hiking tours along the canyon. However, you’ll need to be in decent health for these due to the physical rigors involved in hiking.

Backpacking and Hiking Tours
Many people find that backpacking and hiking tours are one of the best ways to actually experience the Grand Canyon. It provides a clearer picture of the sheer size of the canyon than a vehicle along the rim ever can. As mentioned before, these tours do put a physical demand on anyone involved. Paths for hiking are maintained around the canyon with varying degrees of difficulty. Those wanting to try one of these tours should talk to their guide beforehand to get an idea of the difficulty of the trails that will be used throughout the tour. You should be at least engaged in fairly routine moderate exercise if you’re intending to hike as the arid climate and heat of the day will generally tax your body. Areas of the canyon will obviously be in shadow at times, but good health is your best option for being able to fully enjoy this kind of private tour.

By Air and Water
Those with less time, but plenty of means, may want to consider a helicopter tour. These offer a clear glimpse of the canyon’s full majesty from the air. You can see many of the canyon’s beautiful sights relatively quickly when in the hands of an experienced pilot and guide. A helicopter tour further means you won’t have to deal with heat nearly as much as anyone taking a private car or van tour of the canyon. However, the truly adventurous might want to consider taking a boat trip through the canyon. These last a varying number of days depending on the individual guides, but some of them offer a truly leisurely exploration of the canyon over the course of a couple of weeks. No one has to spend that much time if they don’t want to though. You can opt for faster tours or take a heart-pounding ride through some of the white water rapids of the Colorado River and then spend the time after the rapids simply basking in the canyon itself.

Private tours of the Grand Canyon are one of the best ways to understand the true importance and beauty of the canyon. It simply seems like it would be just another canyon before you see it. Seeing and understanding the scope helps people to understand how small we are next to nature and grasp at the true beauty to be found in the world. Just don’t forget to pack your sunscreen. Remember that you’ll be dealing with a desert environment no matter how you choose to tour the canyon.

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