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Plan Your Luxury 2017 New Year’s Cruise

Planning a cruise at any time of year involves a little bit of effort. This is because it naturally entails trying to figure out precisely what it is that you want out of the trip at the same time that you’re deciding what cruise line that you want to travel with and for how long. A luxury cruise for New Year’s complicates things even more as many luxury cruise lines like to do something special for New Year’s cruises. They offer a unique way to ring in the new year that keeps you far away from your worries and around only people whose company you enjoy if you arrange things properly. It is the planning stage were a lot of us get tripped up simply because of the number of factors that we need to juggle before making a decision. There are so many extra factors that it can feel overwhelming, but in truth, you generally just need to ensure that you have a clear idea for a few core factors to help you actually make the choice.

Length of the Cruise
What sets a New Year’s cruise apart is that it is frequently on open water for New Year’s Eve and at least part of the actual day. The goal is to provide people with the novelty of enjoying the yearly festivities on the water. There are a lot of cruises they offer such options, but the ones who advertise themselves as New Year’s cruises are typically relatively limited time frames. Many cruise lines offer such cruises, but the question is ultimately how long you want to be on the water both before and after the evening in question. Many cruise lines favor having the majority of these cruises happen before actual New Year’s with the evening acting as the culmination of the actual trip. These cruises generally last, at longest, a month beforehand, but many of them favor only two weeks. You have enough time to settle in and enjoy yourself without it being a truly long engagement.

It is important to note that cruise lines arrange their celebrations of the new year differently. New Year’s cruises pretty much guarantee there is some form of celebration, though. The trick is figuring out what among all the cruises sounds the most attractive to you. Some lines favor offering you access to traditional parties that allow you to enjoy the company of other guests over good food and drink for the evening. The traditional countdown, of course, happens as part of the evening, but these celebrations are just a little more low-key than some lines. They will typically suit people with a more reserved temperament as you’ll be able to duck away from the festivities when you’ve had your fill. Other cruise lines make a large production of the new year. This, naturally, involves parties as well, but frequently involves full-scale productions that go from end to end of the boat. Lights, pyrotechnics, and music will make for a truly memorable experience for anyone who likes such things. It might not be the best if you prefer to ring in the new year subtly, though.

Cruise ship room
Lastly, it wouldn’t be a luxury cruise without a particular caliber of accommodations. This means finding out exactly what a staff is supposed to do for you as a luxury traveler and what the room you’ll get includes. Some cruise lines go out of their way to make luxury travelers feel particularly welcome by asking particular questions ahead of schedule that allow the staff to anticipate your needs and make for a truly luxurious experience. Others have staff that will respond to requests but otherwise, leave you to your own devices so that you have privacy. The amount of space you need in your room is also important. Some lines will offer you ample space to move around within your room as well as the luxurious furnishing that allow you to enjoy yourself in the manner to which you’ve become accustomed. These lines often even have private fitness rooms, bars, or lounges for their luxury travelers, but not all of them. Figure out what your priorities are for your day-to-day experience and you’ll be able to further down the cruise that you’ll most want to experience.

A New Year’s cruise is certainly a different way to celebrate Earth managing to make it around the sun again without a major disaster. There is a particular togetherness that comes from New Year’s though. It is another winter that we’ve all made it through and we can throw our lights out into the dark night in defiance. We survive. We endure. We live. If that isn’t worth celebrating, what is?

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