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Planning A Lavish Hotel Wedding

Wedding planning tends to be a fairly stressful event for everyone involved. There are so many factors needing to be constantly juggled that it can feel like everything is going to fast due to the amount of time spent negotiating the details. Figuring out where you’re going to hold a wedding can actually help cut back on some of these problems. Lavish hotel weddings can be beautiful, charming, and a little less complex than other options. It does depend on your particular selections during planning though. You can also end making things easier or harder depending on choices you make even after deciding to get married at a truly luxurious hotel. Figuring out all you’ll need to think of is enough to give anyone a headache. That’s why we’re going to quickly review some of the major factors to keep in mind if you’re ever in a position to be planning a wedding like this.

One of the distinct benefits to planning a hotel wedding is that technically you can combine it with a honeymoon if you travel far enough for the wedding. There are plenty of gorgeous luxury hotels all around the world that can provide a fitting backdrop to start a new stage of your life and then retire away to enjoy a trip while everyone else leaves. Exotic backdrops can also make for many positive memories as well as you’ll end up getting sights you’d otherwise not experience if you’d stayed closer to home. Not all of that necessarily fits the tastes of everyone though. You can also stay in the continental United States and still find plenty of gorgeous locations. It can even be beneficial to anyone getting married in summer to get married in a cooler, more northern state. All it takes it figuring out the kind of area you want to be married in and then you can make the most of things by finding the right hotel.

A set-up for a grand wedding reception

Hotel Support
An interesting point to note is that many luxury hotels and resorts offer specific areas to hold weddings. Many hotels have at least two so that they can support separate weddings at the same time. This can work out to your advantage as you can end up having some truly stunning locations to have the wedding at on the hotel’s grounds. Beautiful mountain vistas, endless golden beaches, and other locations are all possibilities. Sometimes you’ll have access to gorgeously landscaped gardens and courtyards meant to make the most of such wonderful occasions by providing memorable surroundings. Getting married in one of these locations can also mean that the hotel itself will help to cater or staff the event in some cases. If the hotel itself does not, then they will have a list of companies the hotel works with that can cut down on your searching. All of this helps to reduce some of the stress of planning.

Examine the Location
This may seem like an obvious thing, but a lot of people end up deciding they like a location without necessarily inspecting it in detail. This isn’t a good habit as you may miss an issue that needs to be solved before the actual wedding. Taking a walk through before committing allows you to quickly figure out if the space is going to suit your needs. The number of guests tends to be the limiting factors when it comes to certain hotel venues. This typically applies mainly to boutique luxury hotels that have less overall space, but it is something to discuss with any hotel during the planning phase. Figuring out how many people an area can accommodate will either help you narrow your list of possible locations or your guest list. It may not always be feasible to go to hotels that are farther away if you have a busy schedule though. If this is the case, try asking a hotel for more detailed photos of their wedding area to help you decide.

Bride and groom walking into the distance with mountains in the backdrop

Planning a truly lavish hotel wedding is sometimes easier than other locations. The potential for help on the occasion as well as guidance in local companies that can cater or provide other services can be invaluable. It doesn’t hurt that many luxury hotels also have truly beautiful locations. Figuring out how you want to take advantage of this fact will let you make the most of a hotel wedding.

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