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Planning A Party That’s Golden

Gold tableware is one of those beautiful things that we have at one point or another, but don’t always know how to care for them. This is a bit of problem given none of us have a problem with using them for a special occasion. Just like all special tableware, they require proper handling to ensure that they both last the meal and for every meal after that. The good news is that, in exchange for the effort, you may very well get the chance to taste food as it truly should be due to the non-reactive nature of gold. Many people actually prize gold tableware for this reason alone rather than its luster. Regardless of what you like about it, you’ll want to learn the basic rules for using it and keeping it in good order. The good news is that it is fairly simple, but it comes with the bad news that it isn’t necessarily as easy as caring for it just like you would silver.

While we want to devote most of this to using and caring for golden tableware after use, it is important to cover how to store it as well. Most of us, the first time we have golden tableware, likely immediately went to acquire a silver chest for it. This is actually a fairly decent way to store some pieces, but in truth, gold is actually relatively resistant to corrosion and easy to store however and wherever you like. That makes it infinitely more convenient that its silver relatives that need special storage to minimize tarnish. The catch is that you need to be very careful about storing golden tableware. Such tableware is seldom, if ever, pure gold and as a result, you need to be mindful about protecting the plating. This means ensuring that you wrap every utensil and pad every plate when storing it. You’ll be doing this to prevent scuffs and unwanted wear on the plating. Not storing it carefully will generally result in scratches and spots where the plating begins to break off fairly quickly.

Golden dishes
Setting the Place
Actually using tableware is comparatively easy next to storing it. You’ll need to carefully unpack it and set the places, but this about the only major concern in many cases. Informing your guests to be gentle with the tableware is typically a good step to take to help ensure that everything last, though. It is worth noting that the corrosion resistance of the gold makes it useful for serving most things, but you’ll likely want to avoid any particularly acidic or similar dishes rest on a serving platter for too long. Additionally, try to be mindful of anything within a dish that might accidentally chip at the plating on contact. This is especially important around major holiday meals and other events when most gold tableware sees us. Taking these small steps will help to ensure that you can enjoy the beauty and purity that the tableware provides without needing to worry about it being harmed. It is worth noting that you also don’t need to worry about accidentally ingesting any flaking gold either. The metal will pass harmlessly through your body.

Cleaning Up
Care after us is the last major aspect you need to be aware of when entertaining with golden tableware. While the plating is resistant to corrosion, you or whoever is caring for it after will need to be particularly careful when washing it. The first rule is that it all needs to be hand-washed with no exceptions. Dishwashers can be rough on their contents in a way that leads to immediate chipping or wear on the plating. Avoid all rough cleaning aids as well. You will want to stick to a gentle rag or a soft sponge to ensure that you’re cleaning the tableware appropriately. This will also help to minimize any wear and tear that the tableware experiences. The final point that needs to be made is that you absolutely must commit to using a gentle cleaner if you’re going to us anything other than water. You’ll want to try to have gold tableware washed immediately after use to prevent food from sticking though and that might mean even a mild cleaner might be unnecessary.

Golden tableware is a beautiful sight at any table. It can be a bit trying to care for though. While less time intensive than silver, gold tableware still needs to be gently cared for and cleaned to ensure that it keeps its beauty. Taking proper care of it will keep it looking its best for years though and ensure that you’ll almost always have the best table settings for gatherings.

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