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Planning An Extravagant Bridal Luncheon

Weddings are one of those things that we hope are once in a lifetime experience. That’s why so many people put a lot of effort into making their weddings as perfect as humanly possible. There’s no denying that some people get truly memorable results. With all the focus on the big day itself, people frequently forget there are a lot of traditions associated with weddings that take place before the actual event. The Bridal or Bridesmaid’s luncheon is one of these. The meaning of it has shifted and changed over time to the point that we can’t say there’s anything truly remarkable left to it, but it is a further excuse to have a fantastic time with friends before the wedding ever actually arrives and let everyone celebrate their shared friendship. Making it truly special helps to emphasize how much one appreciates people though and many people try to put on extravagant luncheons to prove their point. We’ve got a few times to help you do just the same.

Picking A Time
Let’s be clear here, luncheon is just the traditional word attached to this sort of event. You can hold it at any time of day. Cater to your strengths when planning this sort of thing. Some of us are better at dinners while others specialize in making more low key events work well. Playing to your strengths will help you to ensure that you can make it as wonderful as possible. After all, getting the chance to thank close friends for being so helpful by giving them one of the meals you’re best at and spending time with them can do a lot to make your point. Admittedly, you shouldn’t forget the people coming to the event or their tastes either. You can make the luncheon extravagant even if it eventually lapses into an evening of movies and snacks. Atmosphere is important and picking the right time to match what will fit the group best, as well as their availability, will help increase of well things work out in the end.

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Consider A Special Outing
You can technically increase how extravagant something is by planning part of the luncheon as an outing. After all, there’s no hard time limit on how long the get together has to last. A mutual spa day or afternoon can be a truly luxurious experience for everyone involved. You can leave feeling refreshed, beautiful, and ready to confront whatever the next part of the day’s agenda entails. If the bridal group is comparatively small, you can make things particularly special for all involved by incorporating a little something for each person involved in it. Go to that museum your friend likes or spend time walking in the park with one another. A bridal luncheon is a time to affirm and strengthen bonds with one another rather than to spend time fixated on the upcoming wedding. It will help you all to feel relaxed and ready for the demands of the days to come. Larger groups may want to pick a few activities that broadly suit the group as a whole. Regardless of which route you take, this sort of attentiveness to the people involved will only make things better.

It Is About All Of You
Making the bridal luncheon extravagant is largely about remembering the event is about everyone involved rather than just the bride. Yes, there being a bride is why the event is happening, but the bridesmaids are there to celebrate her as much as she is there to celebrate all of them. Pamper one another. A simple reminder to all involved to consider getting small gifts for one another can make the entire thing that much more enjoyable for everyone. Don’t focus on over-the-top gifts, but instead focus on giving people things that represent your connection to one another. Books, movies, art supplies, and all the little things that each person involved knows is important to the other without it being anything other than a small way to remind someone you see and care about them. Putting gift giving into the plans will let you all set aside time to share in a decorated space that will help things feel more extravagant.

Taking the opportunity to plan a wonderful bridal luncheon can lead to a situation where everyone walks away feeling pampered and happy. It is simply a matter of remembering to ensure there is something for everyone coming. After all, this is one of the few things that is about everyone involved instead of just those getting married. Remembering to play to this broader appreciation for one another will ensure everyone walks away with fond memories.

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