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Planning Your Hamptons Getaway

There are a few places that seem like they were almost destined to attract people. The beaches of California are a good example of this. All of those long stretches of sand lie lazily next to the ocean in the full, warm sun and just seem to beg people to enjoy them. Temperatures always seem just right for enjoying them too. While The Hamptons certainly aren’t the aforementioned beaches, they still offer plenty of fun in the sun as well as other options unique to the area. They offer a picturesque gateway into an area of pastoral beauty, plenty of beaches, and just the right amount of culture for those of us who prefer to enjoy ourselves indoors. Making the most of your time in The Hamptons does mean putting a little bit of planning behind your trip. This will let you make sure that you can reach all the things you might be interested in while having all the time in the world to enjoy yourself.

Consider the Off-Season
One of the things you can do to make the most of your trip is to go during the off-season. There will be fewer people and as a result less competition for beaches, tickets, reservations, and all the usual things you’d expect in an area driven by tourism. The beauty of the area will be different depending on the time of year that you’re going there, but it will likely still be beautiful. Off-season for The Hamptons tend to begin around September and last well past winter. You’ll likely want to avoid going any later than September though unless you’re particularly fond of cold weather. Don’t worry about timing though. You have until May before the tourist season really begins again and you have to contend with everyone else who’d like to see the area. The upsides to this tactic are you’ll have easier access to most things, but not everything may be open if it is only available during tourist season. It is up to you to make that call.

Consider Your Tastes
What do you want out of your Hamptons getaway? There’s a lot to do in the area and that means you might want to locate the best place to stay to suit your needs. Anyone interested in the local wines will likely want to look towards more rural locations to enjoy the rustic scenery while others interested in the beaches will want to stick closer to the seaside. Be mindful of this when hunting for a place to stay.


The nature of the area means there are plenty of bed and breakfasts for those of us who prefer a more intimate setting, but the area does have its share of luxury accommodations as well if you’re looking for something just a little finer. We recommend planning where you intend to stay and building the trip around that. Yes, The Hamptons is a comparatively small area, but you won’t want to travel everyday. Finding a good area with plenty to do for anyone walking around is advisable as you’ll be able to make the most of a day regardless of how you choose to spend it.

Consider the History
One of the distinct benefits that you can get by visiting The Hamptons is a chance to look back into the past. There are plenty of historic areas that have done their best to preserve or rebuild locations so that the public can enjoy and learn from them. Sometimes these take the form of historical dioramas set off from the more trafficked areas, but there are also plenty of museums available as well. They offer a clear picture of early life in the United States in the general area. Preserved homes are also relatively common for the area. It gives The Hamptons a sort of timelessness in the right areas that is easy to appreciate. This opens up a lot of opportunities for those of us who enjoy walking around towns. Plenty of sightseeing can be done this way as well as finding lots of little shops catering to crafts of the areas. The end result is an area that is at once modern and yet apart from the world. In many ways that makes it the perfect place to relax and escape.

Planning a good getaway always involves making sure you’ll get what you need from stepping out of your own bubble world for a little while. The history and beauty of The Hamptons tend to draw as many people as the beaches. Pinning down what you want out of things is the best way to help you to decide where you might want to stay for your getaway, but we do recommend trying to visit during sometime in the off-season to help ensure you have a bit of privacy and the luxury to take all the time that you need.

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