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Planning Your Social And Charitable Calendar

Our lives have a way of settling into an easy routine if we’re not careful. Regular events get fitted into our schedule alongside work and holidays until it feels like we’ve planned everything out. It has the advantage of ensuring that we’re always ready to face whatever is on our schedule, but it can mean we feel trapped within a schedule. None of that changes the fact that without planning we all get a little lost. That’s why it is important to try to remember to set aside time in your calendar for doing things. It doesn’t necessarily need to be anything specific, but it does need to be time that is put to one side to be utilized in a specific way so that you can do whatever you need to at that point rather than frantically trying to schedule around everything else. This is particularly important when it comes to organizing the social and charitable parts of your calendar as they can eat up large amounts of time if you’re not careful and are hard to just slot in. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to do just that.

General Tips
The key to successful scheduling is being aware of what is going on whether you’re a part of it or not. Remember that there are things going on at all points in the year and there can act as guidelines for when you set aside particular time or specifically plan for one thing or another. There are easily available lists of months and days surrounding particular causes that anyone can look up as a rough guideline for later. Similarly, holidays tend to be well known as well as particularly large annual gatherings. Being aware of what may be required of you will keep you ahead of everyone else when it comes to planning regardless of which kind of calendar you’re working on at the time. The specifics for social and charitable calendars tend to demand a little bit more out of you that these general tips can help inform and guide. Admittedly, there is a noticeable difference in flexibility between social and charitable calendars.

As we highlighted above, staying alert to which causes have specific months, weeks, or days can help you know when to act. The key is pinning down which causes you feel like donating time or money to depending on your availability. Different causes actually benefit more from one or the other. For instance, seasonal food drives for local food pantries are all well and good to help, but most of the basic goods people donate are overstocked. Money the charities can use to spend on what is missing will often help them a lot more. Other causes are like this as well. Do a little research before allocating time for charity on your calendar so that you know how to benefit your cause the most. You’ll know to set aside more time if they need people more and will be better able to coordinate with other supporting the cause around that time. If a financial donation will do the job, then you can move on to using time for another cause.

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This is the one area where we often have less to worry about when planning as it can be done with others. Many of us enjoy parties whether we like to host them or not. It all depends on our particular temperament. The useful aspect of this is that parties are almost always organized based on particular events or holidays. This gives you a rough idea of the window of time you might need to set aside time in. Additionally, you can discuss scheduling with whoever is planning the party or coming to it to help pin down when would have the least impact on everyone’s broader schedules. Knowing this ahead of time will help everyone involved stay more on track in their lives without worrying about a surprise event. However, social events can just appear and that does sometimes lead to problems. Try to favor weekends in your own planning as people are more likely to be free then, but if that fails you need to discuss scheduling with all involved.

Planning out social and charitable calendar dates for yourself can be a bit daunting. The saving grace is simply the predictability of a lot of these potential events. Some occur on the same day every year or within the same time frame. Others can be discussed and arranged as necessary. The only thing you have to worry about is making sure that you find a way to set aside the time for what you’re passionate about and perhaps schedule those in the path of something you don’t like as much.

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