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Pros and Cons of Botox

Ultimately, most people’s goals are less to not age and more to age with as much grace as possible. We take care of our skin effectively to help ensure we’re not contributing extra damage and keeping it as healthy as possible. This generally results in the desired effect and the signs of aging appear less frequently as well as being less pronounced. Sometimes our genetics don’t want to cooperate though. This leads to wrinkles appearing far sooner than we’d like and other issues. Fortunately, we have ways of dealing with wrinkles with a high degree of effectiveness. Most are well aware of Botox, but there are a lot of stories pertaining to its use that can make anyone a bit wary about getting it as a treatment. To help with this, we’re going to look at the pros and cons of Botox while dispelling some rumors surrounding it.

What is Botox?
To understand some rumors about Botox, you need to know what is used to create it. People like to claim it could kill you because it is botulism. This is somewhat inaccurate. Botox is not actually botulism. It is a toxin derived from botulism. Now this seems a bit unnerving at first, but remember that people also drink alcohol, a poison, routinely. Botox is the substance from botulism that causes paralysis in muscles. This is, in theory, quite dangerous if it isn’t being administered properly. Botox has other medical uses, but the primary one is cosmetic. These cosmetic applications are more or less safe and far away from anywhere where muscle paralysis can prove dangerous. Side effects do happen though. Headaches, nausea, and light muscular pain around the head and neck are the most common problems. These tend to resolve very quickly and are seldom intense.

What’s the Good News?
Botox, true to its reputation, is excellent for helping smooth away wrinkles and fine lines. The typical target area is the forehead and brow. Botox paralyzes the muscles locally and makes them unable to move. This helps smooth out the area by preventing the muscles movements that pinch and fold the skin causing the wrinkles over time. Habitual use of Botox allows the skin to repair these areas until they are relatively smooth again. Additionally, Botox provides a non-surgical way of treating a common beauty complaint. The relative speed of treatment makes it easy to fit into a busy life easier than a surgical option as well. Extensive use over the years also means that Botox injections are a highly tested and reliable cosmetic procedure with most potential side effects well known at this point.

Anything Else I Need to Know?
The flip side of Botox being an effective paralytic is that it is…an effective paralytic. Your face relies on the movement of your muscles to convey expressions and speak. As long as your doctor is using Botox around your forehead, the latter part isn’t as relevant. Some doctors do use Botox outside of the suggested area of use though. Use around the mouth or lower in the face can lead to difficulty with speech or in making facial expressions. Similarly, the paralyzed muscles in the forehead can also reduce the ability to make appropriate facial expressions. You also have to get Botox injections on a schedule and can’t stop the injections if you expect to keep the benefits. This means setting aside a routine part of your schedule for it. Less time is involved than is involved in surgery, but another appointment in a busy schedule can end up being too much for some.

Botox, like most cosmetic treatments, has pros and cons. It isn’t as scary as some make it out to be though. The one thing you absolutely must remember is that injections should only be done by a professional. It is perfectly safe and effective when used appropriately. A non-professional could end up putting the needle somewhere where the paralytic nature of the compound could cause problems. Beyond that, Botox is another potential tool in your kit for maintaining a timeless¬†look.

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