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Keeping an eye forward in fashion is what lets people stay on trend. In many ways, it is this constant looking forward that keeps the fashion industry moving. Each season it takes the time to show you what will be “in” for the next season so that you have time to prepare, coordinate, and select the looks you like the best. Most of the time this has been confined to Europe and the United States. There’s no denying the great fashion houses tend to favor those areas of the world. The catch is that fashion doesn’t stop at a particular set of borders. Globe-trotters might want to consider looking in on Dubai’s fashion gathering, Fashion Forward, and seeing what else there is in the world of fashion.

A Regional Ideal
Fashion Forward will be held from the 31st of March through the 3rd of April and will bring together some of the most interesting names in Middle Eastern fashion. This gives it a unique flair. The regional inspirations tend to be noticeable in the clothing, but the designers seldom restrict themselves. It provides a glimpse into the minds of designers farther from the great design houses and perhaps more in touch with their own heritage. Don’t go mistaking this as meaning there will be inherently conservative clothing on display though. Fashion Forward is about promoting modern and progressive fashion ideas. This means you’ll see the gamut of fashion for the area in one place.

Walking the Walk
Not all of Fashion Forward is necessarily made up of runway shows. This somewhat helps separate Fashion Forward from more West-inspired displays where the catwalks take center stage. There will still be plenty of shows for those interested in attending them though. Each designer brings a particular vision for their clothing as there are very few unified fashion houses in the same sense most are likely used to thinking. Dubai’s fashion world, in many ways, maintains a constant flux of ideas that Fashion Forward helps to cultivate. This means you have designers who create with a mind towards traditionally inspired clothing set alongside designers that take a concept familiar to the region like “nomad” and build clothing from the concept. The blend of traditions and high concepts means the runways are bound to be full of color and creativity.

All That Glitters
One of the loveliest parts of the event is the display of jewelry and accessories in various locations. The jewelry, in particular, tends to be highly regional. This results in beautiful uses for stones and minerals that make it to the Western world far less. It provides a truly beautiful glimpse into decorative traditions that people might otherwise miss if they remained perfectly sequestered in the Western world. Jewelry isn’t the only thing on display as well. Both the models and the designers do their best to show of various other accessories as well. These help complete or simply complement outfits depending on the sensibilities of a given designers. Accessories are as large a part of Fashion Forward at the catwalk shows. Sampling one and not the other would leave you with having seen only half the show.

Dubai isn’t the first name that pops into people’s head when someone mentions fashion, but perhaps the association should be stronger. Fashion Forward Dubai is setting an example by showing what all the area has to offer fashion. It is certainly a potentially enticing affair for fashionistas the world over looking to see something other than yet another variation on a particular European piece of dress. So perhaps that will be reason enough for fashion fans to try and see the show. After all, it’s sure to be a beautiful affair.

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