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Relax In A Luxury Floating Home

The concept of a luxury home is easy to grasp for most of us. Such homes have fine furnishings as well as interior designs that make them aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate. These homes tend to deftly juggle aesthetics and utility without sacrificing either for the other. In short, they’re experiences as much as they are homes. Some luxury homes work to build up their experience to something better than average though with their own features. Luxury floating homes are one example of this bid to create a unique experience that maintains all the beauty and utility you expect with a different flair than usual. It is important to note that we’re not talking about houseboats here. Floating homes are another kind of dwelling that are equally at home on the water, but come with a few advantages that a houseboat can lack. Both of them keep you on the water so that you can relax, though.

Making Distinctions
Houseboats, for all their potential beauty and mobility, do lack in particular things. You’re not as assured that you’ll be able to get a signal where your house boat is and you also have to deal with the fact you need to dock occasionally to keep everything working and clean. Refueling and dumping some contents do add particular hassles. Floating homes bypass this to a degree by being more or less permanently anchored to their location. It prevents them from drifting while still allowing you to enjoy the water. Frequently you’ll find that such homes have utility connections available that mean you don’t need to worry about any extra expenses alongside normal home ownership concerns. Stable signals, utility availability, and easy access to a city or town tends to make a floating home win out over a house boat if you’re not interested in mobility. After all, you’re not losing anything except said mobility.

house boat by water
Home by the Water
Beachfront luxury homes are nothing new, but floating homes are a different breed entirely. They’re for people who aren’t as much interested in the beach as they are the water. You can expect ready access to the water for obvious reasons and most floating homes incorporate easy access to the water at multiple points around the house. After all, there is something truly convenient about bypassing the whole getting sand in your shoes on your way to the water when you can simply drop into the water on your patio. Naturally, you can expect beautiful waterside views out of such homes. This makes location important when you’re considering a luxury floating home. Many coastal cities offer options, but you might want to look for lakeside options if you want a calmer feeling to the home. Admittedly, you will still need to deal with people passing by and trying to get a look at the fancy home…both on foot and in the water.

The Beauty of the Water
While unexpected visitors/ observers can be a problem for a floating home, you do get the chance to have some truly stunning features. Among them is the ability for the home to be multiple stories… with one below the waterline. This is a particularly popular feature for floating homes built in tropical ocean areas. What rooms are below the waterline is typically up to the individual designer, but underwater baths and bedrooms are particularly popular. The play of light in the room as well as the often beautiful underwater landscape in some locations makes such rooms truly and experience. However, other features can also include having an attached dock or even a diving board from the top of the home in some cases. Sun decks are particularly popular though so that you can get in a little sun each day before returning to protecting your skin from the harmful rays. The end result is a home that brings together all you’d want in a luxury home with the benefits of being out on the water…without some of the hassles.

Luxury floating homes, naturally, have the kind of luxurious furnishings you’d expect as well. They are frequently styled as floating penthouses. The locations can end up offering extra privacy on top of luxury too. It doesn’t make the unique features of floating homes shine any less, though. Everything combined makes these homes something you need to experience to believe. Though afterward, you may find yourself wondering if you can get one of your own.

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