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Retro Beach Fashion

Summer ends up taking us many places over its course. A lot of those places just happen to be the beach. Something about summer demands getting a little bit of sand beneath your feet and the scent of damp air in your nose. Most of the time a trip to the beach seems like it will demand a swimsuit, but that’s always been optional depending on your particular proclivities and what kind of fashion catches your eye. This year there has been a lot of looking back by people trying to maintain a fashionable look on the beach. Drawing upon retro styles offers a way to create a timeless look that is both beautiful and at once its own and very modern thing. As with most fashion, it is simply a matter of how you wear a given look. Making the most of what is left of summer by looking your best on the beach won’t be hard once we review some of the more accessible forms of retro beach fashion.

Boho Style
There are certain elements of style that never truly fall out of fashion. The 60s in particular seems to have been the home of many of them thanks to the continue return to thematic elements of the decade in various ways over the years. This one is no different with various 60s inspired beachwear becoming prominent again. Bohemian looks are particularly popular given their prevalence in other areas of fashion. Finding good, stylish beachwear that fits into this theme can sometimes be a bit difficult though. Consider that a light boho dress makes for an excellent outfit to wear over a swimsuit thanks to the overall looseness of many designs. Furthermore, tops and bottoms can add a dash of the past to your beach style as well right up until you’re ready to go into the water. You’ll be able to be stylish whether you’re on the beach or not with this approach. There are other options available to you than reaching towards these iconic looks though.

Classic Looks
It may seem a bit counter-intuitive and not at all beachwear, but a simple plain t-shirt and jeans can make for a stylish call back to years gone by. Many people would opt to wear this sort of ensemble as a utilitarian way of both having a bit of style while still staying covered for when they left the beach. The best part of this look is the sheer simplicity and flexibility of it. Depending on your tastes, the kind of jeans can vary as well as whether or not you favor a distressed look. Similarly, pairing this look with a vintage t-shirt can make for an excellent look for a walk on the beach. That’s the one downside to favoring this look. It can be a bit more frustrating to go from being dressed for the land to being dressed for the water. Nothing says you can’t make it work though and it is really just a matter of the amount of time it will take you to swap from one to the other than an inability to switch.

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Striped Sights
Stripes seem to be an eternal seaside favorite even if exactly how well-loved they are depends on the exact year. They’ve never really fallen entirely out of favor though. This works in everyone’s favor as it means you can do everything from a striped swimsuit to a striped shirt over a swimsuit to create the look that you desire. Layering tends to be particular effective when utilizing stripes for beachwear these days. It provides that extra bit of style and allows for a quick transition between the beach and the rest of the world. That does mean that it is comparatively specialized in its best use just like the t-shirt and jeans combination. The flexibility comes from how your choose to layer it though and what other elements of style you include with the outfit. Don’t forget to find a good pair of sandals to complete this look though. You’ll be able to enjoy the beach and walk on it even after the heat of the day warms up the sand.

Retro beach fashion remains as popular as it is thanks to there being certain elements of style that are timeless. As a result, you can always see some old favorites on almost any beach with enough people on it. It doesn’t hurt that retro beach fashion got a boost this summer by the trend being set earlier in the year. You’ll have to decide for yourself if the look is for you, but at least you know some of how to get it now.

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