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Rise and Shine to a Great Day

Waking up is hard to do. The sad part is that’s typically only the first thing on everyone’s morning agenda. You’ve then got to do that one thing you’ve been putting off before heading out the door to make a meeting because next week you go on vacation and that needs to be done so you can hand off the other thing to a colleague. It never ends. Plenty of people have recognized that starting your day off right helps you maintain momentum and a better disposition throughout the day no matter what bumps you encounter. With that in mind, OROGOLD has put together a quick set of tips on how you can try to ensure your days start out right even if your to-do list has a lot of unspecified things left on it.

Be Practical
One of the best thing you can do you ensure your day starts out right is to make sure it starts on time. Your body needs rest and if you’re not keeping a healthy sleep schedule then your morning will never feel right. Each person’s particular sleep needs vary, but a good rule of thumb is to at least make sure you’re in bed at a time that will get you at least six to seven hours of rest. We recommend complementing this with a nutritious breakfast. It isn’t necessarily the most important meal of the day, contrary to popular wisdom, but a good breakfast will give you the energy to get things done. Making a simple, healthy breakfast also gives you time to finish waking up.

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Consider Exercising
A particular good option for those of us with issues fully waking up is to actually get in a bit of exercise before of after breakfast. Don’t do any sort of training. The exercise should be light, but possibly enough to get your pulse pumping. There are a number of benefits to both your skin and your overall health to picking up this hobby. The exercise will help finish waking you up and leave you a bit more alert overall. OROGOLD suggests a brief run or jog around the block or a local park path. This will be short enough to incorporate into a morning routine without taking it over. You should also have time for a quick shower afterwards to finish refreshing yourself before heading out the door.

Set The Tone
Everyone’s had the experience of “waking up on the wrong side of the bed”. Those mornings where nothing seems to be going right leave us wanting to have a place to which we can quietly retreat. This is actually a pretty good habit for mornings. Create your own space to eat and relax in as you prepare for the day. A carefully controlled environment will give you a sense of security that helps your remain anchored even if the morning is being difficult. It doesn’t take much to establish a nook for yourself in any space either. Blankets, pillows, and aromatherapy are all appropriate ways to help create a comforting environment for those frazzled mornings. If you live on your own or with tolerant housemates, then you may wish to consider soothing ambient noises as another option.

Ensuring you have a good morning is about making sure your day has a positive touchstone. These help us maintain a mental wellness that keeps us resistant to stress and other outside influences that might dampen our mood. In addition, healthy morning habits can help us maintain focus longer in addition to supporting our overall health. OROGOLD hopes this helps you remember that beauty is in your overall health as much as in the products that you use.

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