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Salt Cave Therapy

Spa days typically mean setting aside the time and making the arrangements to allow your skin to be pampered with good products and skilled hands. The expected relaxation can do wonders for your body and mind quite quickly. Interestingly though, a new idea for a spa day is spreading: salt cave therapy. It has a decent history in Western Europe and a few other locations. Depending on your location, you may not be entering a literal salt cave, but spas are beginning to fit rooms to give you the experience wherever you happen to find yourself in the world. You may be wondering what could be so great about a salt cave. Don’t worry. We’ve got a quick look into this not-quite-new therapy to give you a clear picture of what the therapy entails and what it might be able to do for you.

A Salt Cave? Really?
Traditionally, salt cave therapy does involve escorting clients into a literal salt cave. It isn’t the processed table salt that you’re used to seeing either. Natural salt comes in a variety of shades and combinations of minerals. This is where all the gourmet salt types originate. Regardless, the idea is to place the client in an environment that is rich in salt. The air, the floor, and the walls ideally all contain high salt concentrations. Salt caves are a naturally occurring form of this, but spas can easily outfit a room to serve the same purpose these days. If you’re not lucky enough to live near a salt cave, then your experience will likely be more akin to walking into the designated room and seeing the walls covered with rough looking rocks while the floor is coated in a thick, wavy blanket of rough salt crystals. You’ll simply be spending time in the room for around an hour and breathing in. This is all there really is to salt therapy.

Why Would I Do That?
In truth, salt therapy is an interesting medical trick. Spas are utilizing it, but the therapy has been utilized for ages. Those who claim to use it medically typically call it halotherapy. It is utilized to help with various respiratory issues as well as inflammation. In general, it will be best for those dealing with chronic issues such as allergies and asthma, but other forms of respiratory condition benefit. This is due to the salt particles in the air interacting with your body differently than the salt you eat on your food most of the time. They help soothe the lungs and other inflamed areas so that they can recover easier than they otherwise would. The salt helps minimize anything else in the air. One particularly interesting aspect to this is that it can help some forms of chronic skin inflammation according to some studies. New Age proponents generally credit the salt for leaching out toxins, but in truth, it is simply the fact that salt-rich air can help build up your skin’s natural defenses and moisture resulting in soothed skin.

Always Be Alert
As with any therapy that is becoming trendy, there are other claims for salt cave therapy that go beyond what it actually does. Some claims involve the air adding nutrients to your body while others involve the typical claim of leeching toxins from the body. Your body does not work like this. Breathing in nutrients is as absurd as someone telling you that all you need to do is stare at the sun to get all the nutrients your need to survive. Doctors are also somewhat skeptical of the potential benefits that do appear to happen. They highlight that those with chronic respiratory conditions improve minimally at best and that evidence for any other benefits is scant at best. No one contests that the salt air is clean though and that enjoying clean air can have its own mental benefits.

Salt cave therapy is a potentially interesting new trend. Like most trends, it is riding a popularity wave based on potentially minor results. There will always be something to relaxing in quiet salt air though. It provides a special sort of relaxation that is suitable for a spa even if the other benefits don’t make an appearance. The key thing is that you probably want to remember that salt cave therapy may be useful in some circumstances, but as yet seems mainly useful as a novel way to potentially help shake off the last bit of a seasonal cough.

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