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Skin Care by the Decade – OROGOLD Reviews

As our bodies age, so does our skin, meaning that its requirements drastically change throughout the course of our lives. OROGOLD takes you through the way in which your skin changes, and shares with you the best forms of skin care by decade.

Young woman in her late twenties.

Your 20s
Your 20s is when your skin is most likely at its peak, but it is also not long before things start to slow down. Previously, your cells would have experienced a complete turnover every five to seven days, but now, your cells will only be completely turning over every 21 days, meaning that faint fine lines will begin developing. OROGOLD suggests using a product that contains retinoids, a component that comes from vitamin A, as this will help to protect your cells from sun damage, and will also boost the collagen in your body, increasing your cell turnover rate.

Woman in her thirties.

Your 30s
By the time you reach your 30s, your cell turnover will have slowed even further to 28 days, and this usually has certain effects on the skin, including adult onset acne and hormone-induced pigmentation. The most major change that you are likely to notice is in the texture of your skin, as the dead skin cells are not replaced as rapidly anymore. Increase the use of your retinoid product, as this will help to keep wrinkles and an uneven texture at bay, while keeping your skin as elastic as possible. Antioxidants are also essential, as these will help to fight the free radicals that are created when your skin is exposed to the sun. The most effective antioxidant products will contain vitamin C and tocopherol, which is a powerful form of vitamin E. OROGOLD recommends looking for a product that also contains green tea, as this ingredient is an antioxidant powerhouse.

Woman in her thirties.

Your 40s
In your 40s, your cells are only turning over every 45 days, meaning that keeping your skin nourished and hydrated is more crucial than ever. Fluctuating hormones can also lead to breakouts or dryness, and you likely to now visibly notice that your skin is much thinner. Your skin heals while you sleep, so getting enough sleep is absolutely essential. Increase your use of antioxidant products, investing in more potent ones if necessary, and make sure that you have plenty of antioxidant-rich foods in your diet.

Woman in her fifties.

Your 50s and Beyond
Now that it takes 60 days for cells to turn over, you will notice more of a loss of elasticity, as well as lines and wrinkles becoming more significant. An exfoliant that is more abrasive may be necessary, to encourage cell turnover, while a rich hydrating cream is necessary at least twice a day. Since the body is less able to fight against the stress hormones that end up aging us even faster, taking up yoga, or another form of meditation, will really help your body to relax, and your skin will definitely thank you.

The skin care routine that you establish in your 20s is crucial, as you will be following a similar routine for the rest of your life, altering and adjusting the products that you use as you age. No matter what age you are currently at, protecting your skin is essential, and investing in high quality skin care products is definitely worthwhile.

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