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Skin Care Tips in Time for Wedding Season – OROGOLD Reviews

When it comes to prepping your skin for wedding season, there is lots that needs to be done. Whether you are planning your own big day, or just have many ceremonies to attend, OROGOLD brings you some useful skin care tips just in time for wedding season.

Regular Facials
Scheduling regular facials is important for wedding season, as you want your skin to be as clear as possible, and the best way to do this is via a deep cleansing facial. Try to book a facial once a month in the run-up to your events, and choose the most qualified practitioner that you can find. For a thorough pore cleansing, you can also request an extraction, where your facialist will clean the dirt out of your pores. This requires special techniques that can often cause irritation when done at home, so OROGOLD highly recommends that this only be carried out by a trained professional.

SPF 30 on Your Lips
It goes without saying that you should already be regularly applying SPF to your face and body, but many people tend to forget about their lips. Your lips are extremely sensitive, and are also prone to sun damage, just like the rest of your skin. A thick balm that contains SPF 30 will not only protect your lips from the environment, but will also heal any cracked or chapped lips, just in time for the big day.

Green tea in a cup with dried tea leaves

Drink Green Tea Every Day
Green tea has so many benefits for the skin due to its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking a mug of green tea every day will soon have you noticing a brighter and clearer complexion, as well as a reduction in acne and breakouts. In addition to its skin benefits, green tea will also help with weight loss, although OROGOLD strongly advises that you only use it for this purpose alongside a well-balanced diet.

Regular Facial Masks
In addition to your regular facials, doing facial masks at home will really help with the deep cleaning. Since a mask stays on your face for longer than a cleanser, it is able to melt the hard sebum, the oils that build up in your skin, that has developed in your pores. For those with oily skin, OROGOLD recommends using a facial mask every few days, whereas those with dry skin should stick to using it just once or twice a month.

Avoid Tanning
Make sure that you try to stay out of the sun as much as possible up to 4 weeks before the big day, and wear plenty of broad spectrum sunscreen no matter what you may be doing. If you want your skin to be tanned, book yourself in for a spray tan the day before the wedding, so that you can avoid any streaky patches on the day, but make sure that you have had a test run of that same tan previously, just in case your skin reacts to it.

The longer you have to prepare yourself for wedding season, the better. Rather than leaving it to the last minute, make sure that you keep your skin as healthy as possible throughout the year, to make things easier on the big day.

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