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There’s a distinct allure to the open water. People have set out on the sea for almost as long as there has been civilization. We’ve explored and mapped the world. Trade routes across the waters have brought otherwise rare goods to us and made them commonplace. These contribute to a spirit of adventure being associated with the sea. Some people opt to take cruise ships to experience, but those living a luxury lifestyle might want to consider something a little more private: a super-yacht. These ships are a step up from a basic yacht and offer amenities that allow you to enjoy longer trips and to experience more of the world from the sea. There are some clear benefits to this, but most people want a little more information when considering such things. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick primer on some useful topics when it comes to super-yachts.

Depending on the individual yacht, you’ll be able to expect different levels of accommodations. Super-yachts are big enough that they demand a hired crew to maintain and operate them. This means there is ample room on the yacht for people to walk around and enjoy healthy cabin space. Kitchens are a standard inclusion in most cases as well with space enough to store and ample amount of food and water for longer trips as well as being able to prepare many kinds of meal. You can always expect the yacht itself to offer an interesting and beautiful combination of aesthetics as the designers do their best to imprint luxury on both the external and internal appearance of the vessels. Some super-yachts include swimming pools while others provide gyms. It is best to look around for a yacht that has the features you’re looking for when trying to decide if you wish to own or charter one.


Owning a Super-Yacht
One of the biggest considerations if you’re considering becoming a private owner for a super-yacht is the cost. The yacht itself represents an investment that everyone accounts for, but the ships require consistent maintenance and a crew to maintain them. This means salaries and a budget for maintenance and other needs for the ship itself such as food and fuel so that it remains ready for use when you want it. Additionally, yachts need a place to be anchored. This, in turn, leads to the need for having a harbor for the ship that could further entail docking fees that allow the ship to remain docked at the harbor. Anyone living a luxury lifestyle is sure to account for these at least once, but this doesn’t stop. The luxury comes in that the ship is yours whenever you wish it. Some private owners choose to reduce operating costs by chartering their yachts when they’re not using them. This provides revenue for paying the crew and the budget of the ship.

Chartering a Super-Yacht
Chartering is a simpler solution if you’re interested in sailing on such a yacht, but don’t wish to deal with the hassles of ensuring the ship is properly maintained. Many private companies exist that allow the chartering of such ships. Private owners also allow for chartering as well as previously discussed. The chartering costs generally revolve around the length the ship will be in use and a percentage of the operating costs during the time of operation. The benefits of chartering are that you have far more options than if you simply own the ship. You can continually hunt to find a yacht that suits your particular tastes for a given trip. You pay for it with the loss of the convenience of being able to travel whenever you like, but less maintenance and flexibility necessarily make this an attractive option as well.

A super-yacht offers a way to enjoy the sea and its majesty without sacrificing the comforts to which you’re accustomed. These majestic ships aren’t the largest, but they still offer plenty of room for the owners, crew, and guests to move around comfortably. Those looking to experience an ocean trip with relative privacy and luxury might want to consider a super-yacht. The freedom of the sea begins the moment your feet leave the dock.

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