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Techie Gadgets To Try in 2017

Technology doesn’t pause and wait for anyone. The continual innovation means there are consistently new things to draw our attention regardless of the year. What changes are the kinds of technology that appear each year. 2016 had its share and as we move into 2017 it seems about time for us to give a lot of gadgets their chance. Plenty of them are excellent ways to improve our overall quality of life by helping to minimize fuss or help us keep things organized. There is a problem, though: figuring out what all you want to try or use. The bewildering number of gets makes this an entirely understandable issue. You don’t need to worry though as we’ve got a list of some of the broader categories of gadget that you might want to consider trying this year. They can put your world at your fingertips in more ways than one.

Wireless Convenience
A lot of us are interested in finding ways to improve the convenience of our lives by minimizing the amount of minute things that need attending to constantly each day. Gadgetry is catching up to this with increasing home automation options. These gadgets are all about using a home network to sync together device schedules and keep your entire morning moving smoothly without you needing to worry about much beyond actually getting up. There are a lot of devices out there now that help do this in various ways ranging from smart alarm clocks that adjust to your schedule and tell you the weather and time while sending a signal to your central air or heating to adjust itself as you wake. More advanced gadgets can include small kitchen gadgets that let you do things like automate when coffee will be prepared for you in the mornings. You can expect still more gadgets like these in 2017 as well as further refinements to existing technology.

Cold, Precise Hands
We saw an interesting device in 2016 that is finally going to make its way to the public this year: a robotic chef. The rough idea is that the device is made up of a complex computer with an integrated recipe library. This robot has more in common with industrial ones than it quite does science fiction, but remains an impressive feat. The mounted arms of the robotic chef are designed to work within a kitchen environment of a particular shape, but when installed there they can use the programmed recipes and layout to create a large number of dishes for you at your convenience. At current guess, this robotic chef is expected to have roughly 2,000 available recipes for use at launch early in the year. This invention may not be quite the robotic chef a lot of people think of when the phrase comes up, but it is certainly a step towards an interesting future.

Wearable tech2017 Wearable Tech
Probably the most available forms of gadgets on the market as small, wearable devices at this point. Fitness, general health, and sleep trackers are all circulating out there right now and have a potential place in our lives. This is because they help unlock previously difficult to gather information for our own use. This gives us a greater sense of autonomy and let’s us have a clearer picture of how we are without needing to contact a professional. If you haven’t tried one of these devices yet, you’ll likely want to try a fitness tracker first. These help to provide you an idea of the effects of your exercise routine and can help you refine it. Sleep trackers can be useful to anyone with difficulty getting enough sleep though as they can potentially help you identify patterns to talk to your doctor about. Regardless of the device, these handy little gadgets certainly let us know the future is here…and it isn’t going anywhere.

Gadgets are amusing, useful, and fun in ways we don’t typically associate with the comparatively sterile word “technology”. We’ve touched on some of the more interesting devices that are available or that will soon become available. You’ll want to do your own research to find out what actually suits you out of any of these though. Don’t be afraid to experiment though. After all, you never know you needed any gadget until you can’t live without it.

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