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The 2017 Detroit Motorshow

Cars are, in many ways, a quintessentially American expression of freedom. They’ve long been a symbol for personal independence and a way of broadcasting your particular sense of style to the world. The large manufacturers strive to come up with new and better models each year to appeal to the changing trends around the world as designs aesthetics and tastes change. Once they’ve got those new designs though it becomes time to show them off. In early January, the 2017 Detroit Motorshow will happen to do just that. With its varied smaller shows and the particular history of the city, various well known manufacturers will be showing up with what is to come this year, whether it is a standard consumer model or an ultra luxury option to make anyone who lays eyes on it jealous. Other improvements tend to be on showcase as well if you want to see the continual integration of high technology with the humble automobile. Let’s take a look at what is expected this year.

The Gallery
For those of us interested in the ultra luxury vehicles, The Gallery is an annual showing that is part of the overall show. It busies itself with providing the adequate atmosphere to both appreciate and showcase the powerful vehicles on display. The Gallery likes to highlight that the showing is typically worth at least $7,000,000 and they make sure that you get to enjoy all the splendor that entails. 2017’s show will be styled as a dinner hosted in the MGM Grand. You’ll be free to wander around the area displaying what some of the biggest names in luxury automobiles have to offer. Vehicles with instantly recognizable heritages are expected such as Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and others. All of this will be held on the 7th of January. Don’t worry about going hungry over the course of the evening either as the event will be providing world-class fare for guests.

While The Gallery is, in many ways, the starting party for the entire show, it is far from the only aspect of the show. Anyone more curious about the way technology is becoming increasing integrated into our cars is more likely to find the Automobili-D section far more interesting. The purposes of this part of the show is to showcase how the interplay between the two areas of technology are evolving together. This year the large draw is the various smaller companies that are expected to present over the course of the event. Each one will have its own perspective on the future of the automobile and what can be achieved. There is a heavy expectation that many presentations during the show will center on the emerging field of self-driving cars and other autonomous vehicle options. You’re probably not going to be able to expect you car to drive you to work in 2017, but you might just get an idea of when that will happen.

The Usual Suspects
Most of the major auto companies are expected to be represented at the show. While it isn’t the most prestigious in the world, it is still an internationally recognized event that commands its own respect. There are typically one to two absences from the show though when major companies choose to make their showings at other motorshows. Some companies are expected to reveal new United States models of their standard car lines while others, like Volkswagen, are expected to showcase the finished form of previously prototype vehicle models. At the moment there is little speculation on how much of a “green” trend will be present at the show despite the larger push for such vehicles in recent years. Regardless of that, you can expect to see many beautiful and powerful vehicles over the course of the show and potentially here the next set of rumors for what will turn up at the next major motorshow.

The Detroit 2017 Motorshow is splintered off into various sections. This allows it to encompass many of the aspects of the industry that other show can skip over in favor of glitz and glamor. The chance to glimpse where technology is going to take our vehicles in the near future is a particularly attractive opportunity for those of us looking forwards to safer vehicles. Don’t miss out on The Gallery if you can help it though. After all, glitz and glamor are fun in their own right.

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