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The Boutique Cruise Experience

A cruise is a good way to get away from the world. You book a trip and then step away from everything that might be stressing you to disappear onto the waves. Most people are acquainted with the floating resort hotels that characterize most cruise lines. The number of people might be interesting to people watchers, but people living a luxe lifestyle are increasingly seeking cruise experiences that cater to their particular tastes. Isolated areas for valued customers exist on some lines, but others have focused not on carving out a place in the floating resorts but offering a more personalized experience. These boutique cruises offer a distinct taste of luxury while providing personalized experiences that larger lines might lack. Boutique cruises are comparatively new in the world of cruises, but more people are involved than in the bigger cruise ship lines.

Room to Move
Most boutique cruises try to arrange for the space on ships to be distributed enough to ensure that their guests have both space in their rooms and enough to move comfortably around the ship. This leads to a major point about boutique cruises: their mindsets influence your experience. Some of them use the space to encourage their guests to take part in ship activities that can be everything from educational to fun. Others focus on luxury transport around the world with limited land time to provide glimpses of the world upon the waters. The space many of them afford is not always as large as the biggest rooms on a floating resort, but it is always comfortable. Most of the ships are smaller than the floating resort ships. This doesn’t diminish the quality of the furnishings for the rooms and in many cases, it is made up for with the more personal touches that the staff are able to provide for guests.

Personalized Service
Fewer passengers means that the staff after able to be more attentive on boutique cruises. Some of the cruise lines even encourage a pleasant, amicable relationship with the guests that maintains elegance without stiff-necked formality. The guest need only ask for something for one of the staff to happily find a way to help them. Exact philosophy varies depending on the line though. Just as there are lines that encourage a less formal attitude, you can still find more traditional lines. These try to use the better staff to passenger ratio to provide a more seamless and invisible service. Some of them go as far as making sure passengers are assigned a particular member of staff whose job it is to anticipate their particular guests’ wants and needs based on information provided to the cruise lines by the guest.

Cruise ship

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Location, Location, Location
As with most cruise lines, boutique cruises offer a wide variety of destinations. The key difference is that the smaller ships have more freedom than the resort ships. You certainly find artic boutique cruises, but you can also find ones that will travel up the Amazon river. There are others that will offer guests guided tours of the Nile. Boutique cruises utilize this to create unique experiences that others cruise ships are unable to provide. You can certainly take them to traditional luxury destinations as well. There are a number of lines that specialize in providing unique trips though. They focus on finding non-traditional destinations that take you to lesser known places in the Pacific and Caribbean. In the end, the smaller ships end up influencing a great deal about the nature of most boutique cruise lines.’

A boutique cruise offers, in many ways, a better experience than the floating resort ships. More staff per passenger keeps your needs attended to while the smaller ships permit entry to places you might not otherwise manage to visit. Those tired of traditional cruises and sharing the ship with countless people might want to try a boutique cruise to rediscover their passion for cruises.

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