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The Open Air Yacht Experience

Yachts have long been the hallmark of one of true wealth. They offer the freedom to move from port to port at your leisure while enjoying the open water in a way few people can. It is a distinct experience when compared to a large liner. You can move around and be assured of your own privacy apart from any required crew. It is easy enough to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of a well-crafted yacht at a distance, but it is another matter to be able to enjoy it in person. Yes, the cabins are typically well-appointed and allow you to enjoy the level of accommodations to which you’re accustomed, but some of the best experiences are found when enjoying the open air. It truly connects you to the actual sense of traveling over the water. Let’s talk about what you can expect from a good quality open air yacht.

The Sea Air
What distinguishes an open air yacht from a normal one is simply the amount of the ship that is open to the air. This is achieved in a number of ways, but common designs choices include windowed walls with sliding doors typically left open. Most walkways are likewise open or only lightly shielded from the elements while allowing the air to freely circulate. Decorative aesthetics generally favor designs akin to open plan homes that allow you to move from one section to another fluidly without any artificial barriers. There is generally enough space to provide a sense of grandeur to the ship that makes each space feel larger than it actually is. You can even expect most of the cabins to follow this theme. Some of the most stylish options have a raised master bedroom/cabin with a 360 degree view of the surrounding ocean. You will never forget where you are on one of these yachts.

 Open air dining in a yacht
Playing With The Space
Open plan yachts, in many ways, are an active rebellion against more traditionally designed yachts. The cut people off from the open water in ways that make it hard to know you’re on a yacht in the first place. There is an excellent level of insulation from the elements, yes, but it isn’t necessary in all climates. Open plan yachts tend to revel in the space saved by having fewer walls in place. This leads designers to design spacious sunning and dining areas where you can enjoy yourself freely in a healthy, less closed off atmosphere. Pools are also a fairly common feature that are frequently left open to the air or only just under an overhang to allow the light to play off the waters for that extra sense of a private, floating paradise. There are a handful of open-air yachts that aim to revel in the design to the extent that they have on-ship gardens for both aesthetics and sometimes for ingredients for the kitchen. Utility and beauty make these yachts truly luxurious.

The Best of Both Worlds
Open air yachts do emphasize the “open air” aspect of their name heavily, but that doesn’t mean they are without interior options. As stated earlier, there are frequently lightly shielded areas to provide you with a way to escape from the elements should they turn less agreeable. A good open air yacht also makes allowances for interior entertaining options. These are frequently tied to some of the open or mostly open walkways to maintain both clear views and stick with the theme. Interior entertaining rooms are generally richly appointed to give you a place to relax the day away while watching the open water if you’d rather enjoy the luxury of air conditioning for a time. You can typically discuss potential furnishing within such yachts with the designers to ensure you get something that suits your tastes as well. This method of combining the best of the open air while preserving some of the enclosed nature of a traditional yacht ensures that it is suitable for many occasions instead of just a handful.

Open air yachts are beautiful to look at in most cases. They allow a distinct aesthetic freedom that allows designers to play with traditional rules to create something that truly feels like the luxury one would expect from a yacht without sacrificing aesthetics. Open air yachts are generally better suited for warm climates due to their designers, but the interior spaces on most of them do allow some freedom in that regard. If you get the chance, you could do far worse than spending time on an open air yacht.

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