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The Risks of Combining Alcohol and Energy Drinks

There’s always something new happening somewhere. It tends to be what captures the attention of anyone looking for something exciting to try. This necessarily has its own mixed results. Sometimes it works out well for people, but other times it turns out to not have been the best idea after all. Speaking of mixed results, some kinds of mixed drinks are less than ideal. We’re not talking about some of the drinks with too many layers though. The problem tends to lie in a comparatively recent trend towards making cocktails with energy drinks in them. Depending on your bartender or the friend that convinces you to try it, you’ll hear varying promises on what such drinks are supposed to be like. A big promise is typically that it will feel better than any other drink you’ve had. Regardless of that, it turns out that you’re running some risks when you combine alcohol and energy drinks.

The Phantom Sobriety
The “buzz” from drinking alcohol is well known. Some people are happy to seek out the feeling while others are simply pleasantly surprised when it creeps up on them and use it as a sign to stop or slow down. Mixing alcohol with energy drinks creates a problem with that later scenario in particular though. Think about it. You generally feel a bit more sluggish and less alert when you are experiencing the effects of alcohol. That isn’t the case when you’re having an energy drink with it. Most people report feeling more awake and aware than they otherwise would be. The stimulants involved counter the feeling of sluggishness without doing anything to actually sober you up. Many people end up thinking this means they’re less drunk than they actually are at the time and may continue drinking such cocktails. Naturally, that can add up to the usual consequences of overindulging.

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Too Awake For Your Own Good
Beyond the normal consequences, the state of being overly awake and aware while still drink does lead to other problems outside of feeling like you can continue to drink. Studies show that people become more prone to trusting their own decision making capacity when they been drinking cocktails like this. You necessarily end up making more than a few errors in judgment when you think you’re less drunk than you actually are. In many cases, this might just be an ill-advised bet with a friend, but it can also mean feeling confident in your own ability to drive yourself home. Sadly, this isn’t actually that uncommon of a potential outcome as the chances of drinking and driving actually rose when indulging in such cocktails. Countless news stories have driven home how dangerous this result is for everyone involved. These aren’t the only issues though as there is another major issue that needs to be highlighted as well.

Water Is Still A Thing
When we’re thinking clearly most of us know that it is advisable to have a little water alongside our alcohol drinks. The water both helps us spread out the effects of the alcohol so we don’t get as severely affected and it helps replace the water we lose from consuming the alcohol. After all, alcohol is dehydrating. That’s why it isn’t advisable to drink when you’re overheated or going to be doing demanding physical activity outside all day. You can accidentally dehydrate yourself relatively easily. What most people don’t highlight is that there are similarly risks when it comes to energy drinks. Energy drinks dehydrate you due to a number of factors, but it typically isn’t a problem during normal consumption. The problem comes in when you’re combining them with alcohol and hitting your body with double the effects. Dehydrating yourself can lead to headaches and other issues, but thinking to have that water may be a bit more difficult when you think you’re capable of making excellent decisions despite being drunk.

Alcohol and energy drink cocktails are, unsurprisingly, more than a bit popular. That particular kind of highly aware intoxication mitigates some of the unpleasantness typically associated with the state. That, in the end, may very well be what makes them comparatively risky as a drink. Don’t hesitate to try such a drink, but remember to not trust yourself as much as you would after that drink. You’ll be less able to judge your actual capacity after such a cocktail.

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