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The Well-Dressed Man

With the red carpet dominating so much recently, the men have been having to put on their best looks as assuredly as the women. They’ve certainly done their parts at putting on a good show. Even the best-dressed men end up bowing to certain conventions whether they’re on the red carpet or not. This doesn’t prevent them from getting creative with color or perhaps dropping an expected piece of clothing to maintain a well-dressed look, but with less gravitas to it. Looking at the recent and the red carpet looks, there’s more to well-dressed men than wearing a tux. In some ways, it is becoming just a bit too expected. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what exactly the well-dressed man is wearing lately.

Man wearing a suit.

Suits Them
It continues to be true that nothing does quite the same thing for a man as a well-tailored suit. The cut can vary, but it brings an instant air of confidence and self-assurance to most of them. Dark colors are among the most favored because they offer a solid feeling that complements the majority of men’s fashion options. This does get experimented with by some and we routinely see interesting suits on the streets and the red carpet as people push what a suit can mean. Most of the men on the red carpet favored suits that offered their own personal flair to the event without compromising the basic principles of the outfit. The same remains true of designer outfits of late. A full suit jacket is less common these days, but most of the time it exists in some form. Suits aren’t going anywhere.

The main thing any well-dressed man needs to know about accessorizing is that in many cases the goal in their case is to simply add on to the looks of an outfit. Women can get away with making an accessory the centerpiece. In most cases, well-dressed men tend to favor things like cufflinks and watches for adding an extra bit of flair to an outfit. Watches, in particular, are a favorite due to the shared utilitarian nature they have with the majority of menswear. Things are changing some with time and other pieces of jewelry are permissible, but they’re generally relatively low-key pieces unless the man has a particularly loud or eccentric personality. These rules do keep being challenged with time though.

Stylish man wearing a button-down shirt

Buttoned Down
Button down shirts are another seeming constant in the world of men’s fashion. Fortunately, they’re ultimately just as mutable as suits. The continual classic look involves long sleeves with buttoned cuffs, but some variations exist. Somber colors tend to prevail, but some rebellion typically occurs on the red carpet and fashion. There have been recent shows of splashes of colors in this area of menswear. It offers a way to counterpoint or underscore the rest of the outfit. A good button-down shirt with appropriate pants can also be an outfit in and of itself. A number of celebrities opted to use variations on this look while they walked down the various red carpets. In general, it offered a more relaxed air than even non-traditional suits, but still maintained a feeling of personal refinement.

Ultimately, a well-dressed man maintains an air of quiet confidence that moves with him wherever he is. We see it on celebrities, models, and particularly self-possessed men routinely. The goal of being in the moment gives them a memorable air, whatever the pieces of their chosen attire. The only thing one could wish for is that menswear becomes a bit less timeless as fashion can seldom stand to be slow-moving forever.

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