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The World’s Most Global Cities

Cities are, in many ways, the cultural hearts of most countries. Artists, entrepreneurs, students, and everyone else all gravitate towards them. The end result is a chaotic mess where everyone and everything is meeting that somehow still works. Most cities tend to be centered on their own country’s culture, but there are some that are truly global. These cities embrace the constant mixing that cities represent and run with it to create places that are an experience in and of themselves. These global cities tend to be large and highly connected to the rest of the world. Yes, some cities are broader than others in scope, but only a handful meet the level necessary to be “global”. You’ve probably been to a few of them before if you’re a world traveler. Let’s look at some of these cities so that you have an idea of where you might want to stop in for a visit the next time you’re traveling.

As a city, London has rested at the heart of both the real world and fictional worlds for ages. The old city has made its place in the world by lasting through a long history and surviving the rigors of war and time with equal ease. It is little wonder that the city has so many people drawn to it. This draw is what helps to infuse the world into various areas. You can find countless ethnic neighborhoods scattered throughout the city that provide you with a glimpse into other parts of the world. This alone makes it an enjoyable city to visit as you can find almost anything you’d like to eat there. However, this also means that you’ll get a sense of the cultures as well as you weave in and out of what feels like England and what feels like somewhere else entirely. By no means does this mean the neighborhoods ignore the other side of the cultural identity, but it does mean that they celebrate it alongside the country that they live in.

Street art in London

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New York
There’s a reason that people frequently refer to New York as “The City That Never Sleeps”. It seems like something is going on at every hour of the day. New York’s status as a cultural heart and travel hub cannot be overstated. It is why some people consider the city to be the world in a way. Much like London, it plays host to countless ethnic neighborhoods that provide a glimpse into various parts of the world. Cuisine tends to figure heavily in this aspect as people will always seem to tell you that they know this one place that no one else knows the for the perfect example of a particular food. It doesn’t stop there those as particular cultural goods are frequently available as well that bring the world to New York. This makes it more than live up to being a global city, but what makes things even better in that respect is that it is quite likely true that you can get to anywhere from New York.

While most people don’t instantly think of Australia as a global center, Sydney continues to hold its own as one of the most important cities in the world. Trade passes through the area as assuredly as tourist from the world over. The sprawling metropolis has built itself into something to enjoy wherever you’re coming from in the world. Sydney has done its best to maintain a thriving culture that incorporates a sense of wanderlust with a taste for beauty. This has allowed for many ethnic neighborhoods to form just as it has within its peers. You can sample world-class cuisine while spending the day browsing museums and art galleries. There are also plenty of opportunities to become informed about Australia’s indigenous population and the various traces of the culture that persist today. The end result is a vibrant coastal city with something new happening every day and a friendly culture that is happy to see who just arrived while having a friendly drink.


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All three of the cities we’ve highlighted are economic and cultural centers of the world. This is what earns them their place as global cities. They are a part of the world on so many levels it seems impossible to disentangle them from the global stage. Ultimately, that is what makes them a delight to visit and just the place you might have been looking for for your next vacation.

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