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These Habits Are Aging Your Skin – OROGOLD Reviews

It is now common knowledge that lifestyle choices such as smoking cigarettes and drinking considerable amounts of alcohol can cause your skin to prematurely age, but there are also plenty of other bad habits that people tend to adopt, without realizing the damage that they are causing to their skin. OROGOLD reviews the most common habits that are aging your skin.

Skipping the Sunscreen
The sun is the primary cause of all skin aging concerns, meaning that it is hugely important that you apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen each and every day, no matter what you may be doing. The sun’s rays can still penetrate through clouds, as well as through glass windows, so even if you spend the majority of your day in the office, applying sunscreen on a regular basis will still save your skin from some serious damage.

Applying Products in a Downward Motion
You may have the perfect skin care routine already established, but you need to be applying the products in an upward motion in order to enjoy their full benefits. Pulling down on your skin when applying products can cause wrinkles, especially around your eyes where the skin is the thinnest and most sensitive. OROGOLD recommends beginning at your chin and gently working your way up to your forehead, ensuring that your touch is as delicate as possible.

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Not Eating Vegetables on a Regular Basis
Fruits and vegetables are packed with powerful antioxidants, which fight the free radicals within your body that would have otherwise ended up causing serious damage to your cells, as well as promoting the growth of cancer tissues. However, antioxidants only last for a few hours in the body, after which they need to be replenished, meaning that if you only eat fresh produce a couple of times a week, you are depriving your body of these much-needed nutrients, and allowing your skin to age much faster than necessary.

Aging your skin and marijuana addiction

Marijuana constricts blood vessels prior to dilation, depriving the skin of oxygen, just like cigarette tobacco. The toxic effects can lead to accelerated aging of the skin. When high hydrocarbon levels in marijuana contact the skin, collagen production is compromised. Collagen provides structural strength that protects the skin from air pollution and inflammation. Damage to collagen can prematurely age the skin by causing wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

Your Home is Kept Constantly Warm
When the winds are furiously howling outside, it is always tempting to crank up the heating inside your home, or huddle up under a blanket next to the fire. However, both of these heating methods end up sucking all of the moisture out of the air, leaving you with dry, easily inflamed, skin, that will see the signs of aging much faster than otherwise. Having 40% to 60% humidity in the air at all times is the optimum amount, so it may be worth investing in a humidifier if you tend to keep your heating turned up. OROGOLD also advises you to place a wet towel over your radiator, or leaving a glass of cold water in the room, as this will add some moisture back into the air.

Keeping your skin as protected as possible take much more effort than many would imagine, especially as you start to get older. By adjusting your habits to make sure that they all benefit your skin, you will be able to successfully reduce visible signs of premature aging.

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