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Tips for Stocking Your Wine Pantry

Wine is one of those drinks that seems eternally in style. The cultivated air of elegance combined with the distinctly crafted flavors have long made it a favorite of many. We all tend to have a favorite whether it is something particularly potent like a good red or something a bit more playful like a rose. The key is simply in finding the right flavor for the right time. There’s plenty of conventional wisdom available to guide you when it comes to properly pairing a wine with an important meal, but there isn’t nearly as much wisdom to help you be stocked for that meal. A wine pantry is a must for anyone who wishes to properly appreciate it as a drink while ensuring appropriate storage. Let’s discuss what considerations you need to make and the best ways to properly stock a wine pantry for general purposes. In the end, you should have a slightly better appreciation for your friends who have already made the effort.

Pantry Perfection
Stocking the pantry is important, but you need to pause and consider a few aspects about your pantry first. A big one is whether it is simply a room or if it is a climate controlled room or cooler. The temperature tat which you’re capable of storing your wines is important when it comes to determining the particular wines that you’ll be able to store that best. Additionally, you’ll want to consider how easily you can access the wines themselves. Rack-style pantries tend to make it relatively easy to view the various wines you have available, but they also tend to leave the wine exposed to the light and are comparatively easy to knock off an damage. A pantry that is designed to keep the wines recessed is also a good choice as it will mean prolonged exposure to light won’t potentially alter your wine in any way. A good pantry works to your tastes though. Don’t feel yours needs to do either of these if you’re already fine with what you have.

Simple Stock
The key to stocking a wine pantry is to acknowledge that you’re not going to be reaching for the absolute highest quality wines in the world every night. This is true no matter what we make. After all, the rare treats are meant to be truly savored. Most of what you’ll be wanting to look into keeping around will be the simple, ready stock wines that are good and work to complement a meal without necessarily being terribly rare. Zinfandels are particularly popular options here regardless of their place of origin and particular vintage. A few Chardonnays are also a good consideration as well. Pinot Noirs are also popular additions to this area of a wine pantry. The key here is finding things that a flavorful, but not necessarily there to impress. These are your day to day wines for unwinding and enjoying as a complement to a meal rather than the centerpiece. Stocking wines that are meant to take center stage requires a bit more of an investment in thought.

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Complex Considerations
Catering to more complicated or particularly luxurious tastes tends to be the entire purpose of wine if you ask some people. It isn’t that simple though. You genuinely need to put in the effort to find what stands out at the moment while still being something other than common. Frequently these are somewhat experimental wines or comfortable innovative ones with a mostly familiar flavor with a few tweaks. You can general find leads on these by talking to a connoisseur or a professional that works around wine consistently. Much of the time it is popular to sample up and coming wines from novel places such as Mexico’s growing wine country where the flavors are still being guided and developed. There are plenty of European options available as well if you know who to ask. Some older and particularly well-regarded wines need no introduction though and make a good addition to any pantry if you’re going to care for them properly. The key for stocking this less common wines is to be honest about your knowledge and ask someone who knows and can guide you to something suitable for your taste. You aren’t likely to be disappointed.

Stocking a wine pantry is largely a fairly easy task if your pantry is versatile enough to properly care for a variety of wines. You can then focus on having your readily available wines that are good for regular use. These will form the bulk of most pantries. However, asking someone with true knowledge about wine about particularly interesting or notable wines to stock can give you an idea on what to keep around for special occasions. In the end, you’ll hopefully have a decently versatile pantry that still clearly caters to your own tastes.

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