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Today’s Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic procedures are highly popular for their ability to help settle out long-standing issues with our appearance. Most of us have one or two things we’d like to change. The scale of them tends to vary though. These days non-surgical options such as Botox and dermal fillers tend to be popular for providing small scale correction without the invasive nature of surgery. Non-invasive procedures tend to be comparatively limited in what they are capable of handling, but the fact that they seldom have any risk of scarring and allow you to try non-permanent alterations keeps them popular. Sometimes we’re looking for something a little more permanent. That’s where full scale cosmetic surgeries come into play where a surgeon makes permanent alterations to your appearance. Some of these are more popular than others. We’ve got a quick list of a few of the most popular surgeries right now so that you can see what people are currently focusing on.

Body Sculpting
We’re gathering a number of different under one header here because they have the same general purpose. Body sculpting is the general term for any procedure similar to liposuction. All these treatments share the desire to focus on the removal of fat from unwelcome places around the body. Liposuction is the traditional form and typically the version that is capable of removing the highest amount of fat deposits from the body. Non-surgical options exist, but they rely on the body’s natural processes to gradually flush out dead cells after their use as opposed to the more immediate results of liposuction. It is important to note that, despite its popularity, liposuction does come with its share of risks both due to the procedure and complications during recovery. That makes it highly important to talk to your surgeon about expectations and how to ensure that recovery goes as smoothly as possible. Going into things with realistic expectations will ensure you get what you need while helping to minimize the chances of complications.

Most of the time you’ll hear these procedures referred to as “nose jobs”, but they do have an actual name. True to their names, these procedures focus on correcting issues with the nose. Drooping is a relatively easily fixed problem that doesn’t require a surgical procedure. Actual damage done to the structure of the nose or an overall reshaping does generally merit a full rhinoplasty though. Surgeons can work with you to discuss your desires and figure out the extent of the procedure.


A rhinoplasty is most commonly used to correct perceived issues with the nose such as a hump or another structural difference that differs from the patient’s ideal. The aftercare for these procedures is typically smaller than with other cosmetic surgeries thanks to the comparatively small area affected by the surgery, but it does still exist. You all need to take care to avoid accidentally inflaming the area further while it recovers.

This is another broad category of procedures. These procedures focus on helping to refine the face and neck in a number of ways. The typical goes of these procedures are best described as being about helping to smooth our wrinkles on the neck and remove excess skin that may begin to accrue as we age. Refining the face and neck in this way goes a long way towards helping us age more gracefully when our genetics weren’t as kind to us as they were to others. There are broader procedures that combine multiple procedures under this category that are in line with the typical idea of a “total facelift”, but most of the time you’ll be discussing individual procedures with a surgeon. It is recommended to discuss your exact desires with the surgeon when trying to pick out a procedure so that they can recommend the appropriate one for your case. The “lift” in the procedure has been consistently popular for years and it appears it will maintain its popularity for the foreseeable future.

We’ve touched on a few of the most common surgical procedures. They’re common because the address some of the universal problems we all experience over the course of our lives. We want to look younger. We want to avoid what we see as mistakes in our appearance. These are legitimate desires and deserve to be respect. As a result, we can expect these particular procedures to remain popular for a long time yet.

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