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Top Designer Lipsticks of the Season

Fall is a time of color. The trees change and bring with them a glorious display of natural art. Anyone living in the country or near a park has plenty of time to contemplate this natural beauty, but anywhere there are people you can enjoy the more human side of fall beauty. With Fall well and truly underway and working towards winter, the fashion trends have finished their slow transition. The great design houses have even released their own makeup collections out into stores across the world to give people the time to catch up. Are you? If not, OROGOLD has a quick guide to the top lipstick looks for the colder part of the year. This year is looking a bit more vibrant than usual, but certain traditions do continue on.

There’s no escaping it. The fashion world has spent years creating otherworldly looking men and women with makeup, but the world wanted models who looked more human. The designers have bee answering the past few years as trends have favored nude makeup. This trend has continued even into fall and winter. Nude lipstick helps to highlight and underscore your skin’s natural color by supporting it or providing a close approximation. The end result is a subtle yet vibrant and wholly natural looking way to accentuate your looks without them taking center stage to your ensemble. No one designer really stuck to this more than others, and the main goal you should worry about when finding a nude lipstick is ensuring it is from a quality brand that you trust.

Model wearing red lipstick.

Rich Reds
Fall has a reputation for bringing out the somber colors in the makeup world. This year the designers seemed like they wanted to bend the rules a little even if they didn’t want to break them. Plenty of shades of red were used on the runways and have since been released to the public. Tom Ford and Dolce & Gabbana have each released their own shades for the fall that include a broad selection of colors. OROGOLD recommends looking for deep, rich reds when looking through your options. Brick Red is close to some of the shades favored by designers, but others favored more vibrant “berry” shades that recall brightly stained lips rather than restrained allure. The color choices aren’t somber, but they remain versatile enough to work regardless of the weather.

Lasting Traditions
Even the sometimes colorful experimentation from the designers didn’t entirely ignore traditional colors this year. Dolce & Gabbana’s makeup collection, in particular, favors emphasizing more broody colors of fall. Deep wines and burgundy may always have a place on fall makeup shelves ultimately. They aren’t quite in the minority yet, but only next year will tell if the trend keeps up and the tones for Fall continue to broaden. One interesting side-note to this set of colors is that some designers actually went full or near-black with their lipstick shades, but opted to use outfits to help place less emphasis on the lips to make it less jarring. It offers a different twist on the brooding look of Fall for anyone daring enough to try.

If anything, this year’s Fall colors for lipstick are showing that designers are beginning to embrace the nature of the season more. Fall is a time of transition and vibrant colors. OROGOLD strongly recommends experimenting with colors of the remainder of the Fall and Winter. If the designers aren’t shying away from brilliant colors anymore, then that gives you plenty of room to invent a cold weather fashion statement that is all your own

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