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Top Upscale Dining on the East Coast

One of the best parts of traveling is the chance to eat something different than you usually do. Regional fare lets you see how other people eat for a change. This has its own particular appeal, but an even greater one is when you get the chance to sample truly magnificent food cooked by a master of their craft. Not many people get to experience this unless they live in the area such a restaurant is located in. This makes travel key. With that in mind, OROGOLD has assembled a list of some of the beat places to eat the next time you’re making your way up or down the East Coast. These higher end restaurants not only have excellent food, but you can be sure they’ll be well worth the cost.

Le Bernardin
If you’re looking for seafood in New York, La Bernardin is one of the best choices you have in restaurants. It has maintained a consistently high score among critics of all stripes for years. One of the most notable thing about it beyond Eric Ripert, its head chef, is that they have focused on honing the art of seafood since the restaurant’s founding in 1972. It has survived passing from the hands of original chef to Ripert with the only thing changing being continual refinements to the menu. You’ll find both traditional dishes and twists to them on the menu. La Bernardin strives to maintain both freshness in its food and the recipes it uses to continue both the evolution of the restaurant itself and seafood as a form of cuisine.

There are a handful of universally agreed upon culinary experiences. These are general homes of great culinary experimentation and they seldom last forever. The taste and daring demonstrated in them don’t die when they fade away though as they inspire new chefs to take up the same banner. minibar in Washington DC strives to be just this. The restaurant prides itself on having people dedicated to consistently creating new and inventive dishes with novel ingredients. OROGOLD also believes you can find further interesting ways to tantilize your palate at barmini, the adjoining experimental cocktail bar. Both the restaurant and bar strive to find new and interesting flavors for people to enjoy without the need to travel to any exotic locations. This makes minibar a must visit when in DC.

Fine dining and southern cuisine aren’t often something that connect in people’s minds, but Husk in Charleston, South Carolina tries to do just that. It uses regional ingredients to cook regional food and bring the best flavors of the South to one location. The dedication to quality food ensures that the flavors of the dishes are preserved as they were intended. That isn’t to say there isn’t a degree of experimentation with classic dishes, but it truly is a place to experience what Southern cuisine has to offer. That means plenty of meat and tastefully done freshwater and saltwater fish depending on the regional focus of Husk at the time. The end result is a memorable place to have a bite to eat in South Carolina that many people might otherwise overlook.

These are only three of the many opportunities for quality dining along the East Coast. Each provides a different emphasis from perfected traditions to interesting experimentation. This helps provide something for every kind of palate. OROGOLD encourages you to keep an eye open in your travels for other great dining locations. They may not always be obvious, but you’ll certainly remember the taste.

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