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Ultra Luxury Motorcycles and MSVAS

There’s something beautiful about an ultra luxury motorcycle. You know the machines are set to take you at high speeds to wherever you want to go while you get a visceral feel for the wind on your body. Their designs frequently offer an emphasis on both style and performance that create something that will be noticed without needing to sacrifice performance. We don’t typically think of them as something that is necessarily the home of technological innovation, though. The existence of the Motorcycle Side View Assist System (MSVAS) isn’t necessarily astonishing on its own, but the growth of its integration into ultra luxury bikes is bringing them to a new era of safety and technology. Not everyone knows exactly what an MSVAS does though or how exactly it benefits them. Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to explain exactly why you’re going to want an MSVAS on your motorcycles in the near future.

The Rules of the Road
Anyone who owns a motorcycle can tell you how much more freeing it can feel, but they don’t often admit that there is also a bit of danger to it. There’s no protection between the rider and the forces at work when they’re speeding along the road. If something goes wrong at the right time, then that can result in a disastrous outcome for both bike and rider. It doesn’t help that the motorcycle and rider are bound to many of the same rules as anyone driving a car. The field of vision is constrained to a degree and that leads to blind spots in their vision. Blind spots can make it difficult to judge when is a good time to merge into a lane or pass someone. In the case of a motorcycle, it can also be harder to tell when the person right behind you is driving irresponsibly and endangering you as well. For a long time, there’s been no easy way to work on solving this problem for motorcycle riders. That’s where MSVASs come into play.

tech on motorcycle
Technological Travel Assistance
By this time we’ve all heard about self-driving cars and cars that give you a warning when there is about to be a collision to a particular part of the vehicle. They both achieve this by sensor arrays on the body of the vehicle being analyzed by a central computer with output a driver can readily read. While self-driving systems may eventually replace human error, the advent of collision detection systems are already making it easier for on drivers to enjoy their cars with fewer worries. An MSVAS brings this kind of assurance to the world of motorcycles. It uses the integrated computer to process data from various sensors on the motorcycle to give the rider an easily understood sign whether it is safe to change lanes. The more complex ones also provide data on how closely the motorcycle is being followed and whether that is any danger to the rider at all. Overall, it helps reduce the overall dangers of riding a motorcycle.

Style and Substance
Many proponents of the technology like to emphasize that utilizing one of these systems allows for the creation of a more stylish vehicle. There are no extra parts to get in the way of the design of the motorcycle and you can enjoy a fluid piece of engineering without mirror disrupting the overall flow of design. However, the more practical aspect of this is that it means riders are far safer when riding an ultra luxury motorcycle with an MSVAS installed. It reduces rider worries by minimizing the input they need to manage when riding. In turn, they can focus on maintaining control of the bike and the safety of both themselves others on the road. These combined factors are making such system increasingly common in ultra luxury models and may eventually begin to filter down to other models as well.

An MSVAS system is clear proof that substantial improvements can actually benefit the art of a machine as well. In providing feedback on potential collisions to motorcycle riders, they reduce the need for mirrors and help reduce human error. These systems are largely available on ultra luxury motorcycles at the moment and are becoming increasingly popular. As the way of the future, you’ll probably want to test drive a motorcycle with one of these systems sooner rather than later to get a taste of what is coming.


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