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Ultra Premium Vodkas

Premium spirits are what you look for when you want an actual flavor profile rather than simple alcohol. What people reach for tends to vary depending on their individual temperament though. Vodka hasn’t really been a go-to drink on its own in a little while. People were keen on adding on to the drink with flavors or simply using it in a cocktail without any real regard to the type of vodka going into the drink. That’s changing though as more ultra premium vodkas stake their claim in the market to elevate vodkas back to their place as a sipping drink. The growth of different brands means you have plenty of opportunity to sample ones with different, subtle notes that help you to figure out the most desirable vodka to either enjoy on its own or in a drink. To understand the change that’s made this possible we’ll need to look into the shift that people have had in how they view vodka.

The Devaluing of Vodka
Depending on who you ask, vodka came to be regarded as a drink no one knew how to appreciate anymore or as a flavorless beverage best served by adding something worth tasting to it. The latter opinion, sadly, took over the spirit’s market for a time and lead to the growth of relatively low-value vodkas. People stopped caring about what went into their drink when previously you’d be inclined to specify a brand to actually get a complex flavor. Why this happened is frequently debated among aficionados, but the fact remains that it did happen. People have gradually gotten tired of this idea though and began to look for something different. Ultra premium vodkas have taken an entirely different tact in their marketing to ensure they stand out from their lesser relatives. Distinct bottles and themes help these brands to be instantly recognizable and are in turn countering the push of low-quality vodkas in recent years.

Premium Vodka

Making The Difference
The big thing to note is that premium vodkas take a different approach to their drink. Think carefully about the vodkas you’ve seen in stores in the past. The word’s “filtered” and “distilled” tended to turn up a lot on the bottles as a selling point. Higher grade vodkas would boast that they had been more of both or one or the other to highlight the purity of the drink. This is what gave vodka its reputation as a comparatively tasteless spirit with no real use beyond an addition to a mixed drink. Ultra premium and premium vodkas turned this form of grading on its head. Less filtering and distilling is involved to ensure that the natural flavor of the spirit is left. Most enthusiasts tend to note that flavors in vodka are subtle, but they are there if no one goes out of their way to crush the flavor out of the drink. Each brand’s method of preparing their product varies and as a result there is a world of ultra premium vodkas out there for you to try with different notes of flavor.

The Changing and Returning of the Guard
This shift in perspectives on vodka has lead to shaking up what vodkas are typically available. A lot of the lower quality or higher quality filtered and distilled vodkas are being relegated to lower status as the luxury brands become more prominent. This has changed things, but at the same time, some older luxury brands are experiencing a resurgence in their popularity thanks to this shift. It is creating a new generation of vodka drinkers that can talk to the older generation that wondered what had happened to decent vodka. This flux of availability does mean that it can be a bit more troublesome for you to find the brand that will work for you though. Consider asking a bartender or a knowledgeable friend for a good brand to try at the start before working your way through other brands. That way you have an idea of what a good quality sipping vodka actually tastes like before you begin experimenting.

Ultra premium vodkas are a return to form for the spirit. It offers a way to actually enjoy the drink without feeling compelled to add something to it. This opens up all new people to the potential complexity of the drink and means you can expect even greater complexity from mixed drinks using such vodkas. In the end, everyone wins from a better quality of product.


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