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Visit These Fun Vintage Markets

There’s no denying that there is a certain joy in looking through a flea market for a vintage find. These stores bring together all those things that no one ever really thinks about or that someone didn’t quite want in one place. Old clothing, antique furniture, rustic decorations, and almost anything else can turn up at the right flea market. Finding good ones with a large selection of goods is ultimately the trick. There are plenty of these at a local level that all try to capture people’s attention and get their slice of business. Only a few of these ultimately become true destinations for people hunting for vintage goods. Knowing where to look tends to increase the odds of you being able to find exactly what you want on any given trip. There are some places with sufficient reputation that we’d like to highlight. Not only do they have spirit, but they have a diverse selection too.

The Vintage Bazaar, Maine
Most of us have gotten used to small, secluded shops operating under the name of flea markets, but the truth is that’s a comparatively modern take on the idea. They used to be open air affairs that created a distinct market feeling to them. This one has no intention of disappointing either. The Vintage Bazaar is a biannual affair that looked threatened for a time when its original location shut down, but it moved to a farm outside Eliot, Maine and looks ready to continue a long life of trading. The bazaar only happens in June and October, but participants try to bring plenty of vintage items, local crafts, and custom goods. The end result is an experience as much as it is an opportunity to look for just the right thing for your next bit of decoration at home. If you hurry, you can still get tickets for the June bazaar that will be held on the 24th and the 25th.

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Raleigh Flea Market, North Carolina
Some of the best flea markets available are of the same cut as our first selection. The Raleigh Flea Market also takes an open air approach to ensure a broad selection of goods. It also has a decent history with the first opening of the market being in 1971 on the Historic State Fairgrounds. The market hasn’t budged since then. Each year it seems to grow a little more as it opens for business each weekend. The only exception to this rule is in October when the state fair itself takes the market’s place. This flea market has been consistently rated one of the best in the country for vintage shoppers to the point that it draws people from around the country both to buy and sell. As a result, you can find a wide variety of goods from almost everywhere depending on when you’re visiting. The temporary stalls are particularly notorious for people needing to get something that looks good then and there as that seller might not be there the next weekend.

San Jose Flea Market, California
Given the long tradition of flea markets, it shouldn’t be surprising that places like our last pick and this one exist. The San Jose Flea Market has been in operation since around 1960 and continues to go strong today. It has a similar reputation to our last pick with a huge array of choices awaiting anyone who visits it for a bit of shopping. The market operates most weeks out of the year starting on Wednesdays going through Sundays. Any alternate hours for holidays or other events tend to be easily visible to ensure everyone can get their fill of the market. Vintage shoppers with children will likely be happy to know that the market does cater to families in that there are rides to help give children something to do between shopping sessions. The overall lively nature of the market means there is a consistently enjoyable air that makes vintage hunting all the more enjoyable.

Hunting for amazing vintage finds takes a little bit of legwork. You need to find good markets and be willing to walk them to see what all the markets have to offer. This can take a couple of days with better, open air markets. The good news is that the variety that comes with such searches means you may just find a few other things for your next big project too.

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