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What To Look For In A Luxury Camera

Cameras are one of those personal items we don’t always think about until we need them. They’re good for capturing moments for us to remember fondly later, yes, but not all cameras are made equal. Varying features, customization options, and styles all make it more than a little bit difficult to know what you’re looking for in a camera. This becomes especially true when you’re entering into the world of luxury cameras wherein not only as your looking for a quality product, but you’re looking for something that will make a mark at the same time. Fortunately, there are plenty of good guidelines for what you want to look for in both a camera and a luxury camera. There are, of course, the basics to consider such as the actual type of camera, but you may also be drawn to limited edition cameras or ones with a custom grip. Let’s go over a few quick guidelines to help you make up your mind.

Past Meets Future
Classically, most good cameras have always been single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras. They are the style of cameras you may have owned when you were younger or that your parents once owned. Loadable film and interchangeable lenses made them the standard due to the potential versatility a good quality SLR camera had. We then invented the digital camera. It removed a lot of the hassle of loading film and fearing of losing pictures due to accidentally exposing the films, but it came at the cost of potential quality and flexibility. Digital cameras simply didn’t have all of the options of a good SLR. That has changed though with the creation of digital SLR cameras. They combine the digital storage and image capturing of the digital camera with the flexible lens types of the classic SLR camera. Any truly good camera that you’re going to be looking at should be a digital SLR to give you the most for your money.

One of the biggest draws of many luxury items is the fact that they are frequently made in response to an order rather than produced en masse. With luxury cameras, this frees you to choose things like the overall appearance of the camera as well as any helpful aspects. A good option that you can see on many luxury cameras are contoured grips. These make it easier to keep a firm, steady grasp on the camera when actually taking the photo unlike the comparatively smooth-sided options that most cameras offer. If you’re lucky, a company will actually customize these grips for you to help them be even more functional. Stylish, classic wooden grips are currently a relatively common feature for luxury cameras as it gives them a distinctly retro look that maintains a clearly modern touch to it. Cameras that don’t have these grips will generally wrap the smooth body in a material that helps maintain grip as well, but not necessarily as much as a contoured grip.

Luxury camera lenses
More importantly are the lenses that come with your luxury camera. A camera that looks good, but doesn’t come with extra lenses isn’t particularly useful to anyone keen on getting the best pictures possible. Most luxury cameras will come with a handful of lenses if they’re meant for serious enthusiasts. A generalist lens is the default that all cameras have, but you may wish to look for models that include telephoto or wide angle lenses to ensure you can get the exact pictures you want. Cameras that come with more than one lens will list the name of the lens, if not what it is meant for, so that you can look up what shots suit it. If your camera doesn’t come with extra lenses, then check on the lenses compatibility of that model of camera. Any good quality digital SLR should have publicly available information on the lenses that will fit in its mounting. That way to can plan out the lenses with which you’ll expand your photographic repertoire.

Luxury cameras are investments. They provide both style and sometimes a degree of customization that lesser cameras lack. The best approach is to strike a balance between the utility of the camera and its overall appearance. Some luxury brands trade purely on their quality and the name alone will command respect in some circles, but you can find ones that actually look stylish that might not be from as reputable a manufacturer. Finding what you want on the spectrum of style and function will certainly lead you to the ideal camera.


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