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What To Look For In A Modern Safari Adventure

While modern safaris are no longer about true exploration, they are still an opportunity for all of us to get a closer look at wilderness far from home. The potential to explore Africa and see stunning wildlife just seems to have an inherent draw to anyone who doesn’t already live there. A safari adventure can make for an excellent trip for anyone looking to do something a little different from a standard vacation. You’ll still be able to get away from it all, but you’ll get to have more of an experience than simply being on a beach will provide. There are a few tricks to help ensure that you make the most of your adventure though. These tricks are necessary to help you ensure you’ll have safe, reputable guides that work to preserve the wilderness for everyone while also having the kind of experience that you want to have. We’re going to review these so that your biggest worry is simply deciding the kind of camera you want to take on your safari.

One of the crucial elements of finding a good, modern safari tour or group is making sure that they are established and properly licensed. African wildlife, unfortunately, suffers from extensive poaching from people around the world trying to exploit the animals as medicine and trophies. That makes the wildlife increasingly endangered and safaris harder to come by than one might like. A reputable company will have done its work and display its credentials for you so that you know they’re authorized to conduct safaris out into the wilderness. There are plenty of established companies that are a decade or older available that have been doing things long enough to have a good reputation with the groups protecting the wildlife and who know exactly how to navigate the legal boundaries of holding safaris. Finding one of these companies will ensure you have a more memorable experience and can be certain what you’re doing is legal.

There are, broadly speaking, roughly two major kinds of safari trips available to most people. These are city-based and encampment-based. City-based safaris start in municipal areas each day and venture out into the wilderness. You’ll generally get a good safari out of this option, but there may be a substantial amount of back-tracking each day as your guides take you out to different locations only to return you to the city each day. The benefit here is being sure you’ll have access to all the benefits of a city each night and be able to enjoy your trip in multiple ways. Camp-based safaris operate somewhat similarly but are actually based out of a central camp somewhere out in the wilderness. There are both more rustic and luxury options for camp-based safaris. Luxury ones tend to be particularly nice as the base camp tries to provide every luxury one could want even if it lacks the access to a city. The benefit is you’ll likely travel farther and wider with this kind of safari.

Wild giraffes with a mountain in the backdrop

The last thing you’ll want to look into is where the safari group is located. There are various places around Africa that can offer a stunning safari experience. Some areas are likely to be more experienced and safer than others though. Stay alert to local conflicts going on in Africa when you’re attempting to pick the area you want to enjoy a safari in. This will let you ensure your safety and the safety of the safari group as well. For instance, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Reserve in Uganda is often a popular destination thanks to it being one of the few places you might get to see the elusive and endangered mountain gorilla. Some people prefer a more archetypal idea of a safari though and that tends to take them to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The vast grasslands offer stunning vistas while the other biomes offer surprising diversity to the trip. Checking a list of popular safari locations will help you narrow down the kind of experience that you want to have during your trip.

There’s a lot to consider when trying to figure out your safari. Staying focused on safety and reputation tends to be vital though to ensure everyone makes the most of the trip. The accommodations you get can also be important depending on your particular tastes. Once you find the right combination, you’ll be set for a trip that will give you memories for years to come.

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