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What’s in Your Luxury Bottle of H2O

Bottled water is something a lot of us love. It is fast, convenient, and there’s the sense of an assured quality to it that you just don’t get from tap water. You don’t have to live in an area with hard water to be able to appreciate a good bottle of water. However, there’s bottled water…and then there’s luxury bottled water. These brands began popping up alongside the other brands with the promise of unique and fulfilling experiences. Each water contains promises that its particular concoction will boost your health and effectiveness at life as a whole. It does leave one wondering what is inside those bottles. Fortunately, we’ll be looking into just that. After all, even the makers of the luxury waters like to highlight that there’s more in those bottles than just water.

Spring Water vs. Mixed Water
The brands generally follow a clear breakdown. Some of them explicitly claim to come from mineral-rich springs and get bottled directly after purification to preserve the natural sanctity of the water. Others highlight their creation as a product of a highly scientific treatment process that renders the water neutral in many respects before the addition of a carefully controlled mixed of minerals designed to add a subtle flavor to the water while supporting people’s health. These two kinds of luxury waters seem to have vastly differing origins, but the truth is their health claims generally all return back to the mineral content of the water. The water itself is always regarded as pristine and healthy. As a result, we need to dig a little deeper into the claims regarding the minerals in the water.

A Taste of the Earth
Minerals in water are nothing new. Hard water is familiar to a lot of people and the minerals in it are what give it its distinct taste and impact on pipes. There are certain benefits to water with minerals in it. Historically, the discovery and mandating of fluoride being added to municipal water supplies is related to the discovery of the dental benefits of routinely drinking water naturally rich in the compound. This is proof that using minerals to boost health via water isn’t actually as far-fetched as many people might initially believe. The luxury bottles of water that you enjoy simply take the approach of the government when it comes to fluoridation. Each mineral is ostensibly mixed in at the levels that it will do well by the body without becoming so overpowering that they negatively impact the taste of the water. The idea has some merit, but all claims of the excellence of the water should be looked at with a closer eye.

Murky Waters
Common bottled water brands have gotten in trouble before after being discovered to simply be bottling municipal water for reselling. Luxury water brands haven’t had quite so many scandals, but they have had their share. Some have been due to the lack of evidence to back up their health claims and others result from the water appearing to lack what they claim is in it. This isn’t overly common and sometimes there are simply production errors that cause the issues. However, it does mean that luxury bottled water is not necessarily all it says on the bottle. It pays to be skeptical whenever someone is trying to sell you water they claim will cure all your ills or otherwise provide a noticeable boost to your health. Luxury water’s tailored mineral cocktails may help the body, but any helping hand is likely very far from dramatic.

Luxury water can certainly taste lovely. The minds behind the brands sometimes make it quite clear they’ve taken the effort to craft a unique, subtle flavor into the water. It isn’t quite so obvious to others. The bottom line is that you can at the very least be sure that you’re getting water when you buy that luxury bottle of water. You probably shouldn’t count on it to necessarily do much beyond providing the necessary hydration for facing the day though.

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