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What’s Inside A Megamansion?

Humans like large things. There’s something intuitively impressive about a large piece of art, furniture, or statue. It takes up space and draws eyes to itself. Who hasn’t paused to take a look at something built in a grandiose way? People building on a large scale typically take great pride in their handiwork because they know it will be seen by many people and scrutinized by just as many. Megamansions are a particularly notable example of this tendency to find big things impressive. Mansions on their own are generally impressive affairs with beautiful facades and richly appointed interiors. Building upon this idea created the megamansion. It is defined as much by its looks on the outside as it is the contents of the inside of the building. What exactly is inside a megamansion though? Given the scope of these buildings, it would be hard to say the answers will surprise you.

Lots and Lots of Space
Megamansions truly earn their name based on the basic requirements just to qualify as one. A general rule of thumb for determining whether you’re dealing with a mansion¬†or a megamansion is to check the interior square footage. Mansions range anywhere from a fairly modest 6,000 square feet to a less modest 15,000 ft. These measurements don’t have anything on a megamansion though. These start at 20,000 ft and go even larger depending on the particular tastes of the person financing the building of the megamansions. This amount of space create a vast estate even within the confines of the main building. Depending on tastes, the building itself may rest on equally sprawling grounds that add even more to a sense of opulence and seclusion. With all this space it shouldn’t be surprising that what people put in their megamansions can be highly personal.

Private Fantasies
In truth, each megamansion must be discussed to be built unless someone is buying an older one. This means discussing things with an architect to ensure that the megamansion meets the exacting standards of its eventual occupants. Discussions may include costs, but the key to the discussion is always about what the clients actually want. Megamansions are a way to step out of the world and into the private fantasy realms of the people living there. Architects will help recreate special places from someone’s life or install a couple of home theaters for when the client doesn’t want to walk from one end of the house to another to enjoy themselves. Interior pools are fairly common as well as exercise rooms. Rooms for entertaining in style are also highly common. These are all the basics though. The places where the megamansions vary is where you’ll see the interests of the people who own them.

Luxurious Accommodations
The materials used in furnishing the various rooms are necessarily going to be of the highest quality. You should only expect variations on this if a room in striving to maintain a certain feeling and appearance that requires specialized materials. This does happen from time to time with people utilizing distressed or otherwise weather materials to create a particular air for a client. Outside of these thematic choices, you can expect the furnishings to be truly glamorous and provide added elegance to any space. Most designers of such homes do their best to coordinate everything into a cohesive experience so that you can sink into the spirit of a given room and enjoy it. This leads to many rooms with distinctive personalities scattered throughout the mansions in addition to the standard rooms. The only thing you can be certain of is the beauty and luxury that will be present.

Megamansions capture our imaginations when we see them. It doesn’t matter if they are comparatively mundane in your life. The buildings are designed to impress and they certainly do that. Each is a series of worlds away from the world that cradles their occupants in luxury. Of course, bigger is more impressive. It also opens up the opportunity to enjoy oneself as one wishes. That alone is worth the visit.

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