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What’s Trending In Luxury Travel?

Travel has always had particular connotations thanks to not everyone being able to find the time. It has, however, become more commonplace and the idea of travel as a luxury has evolved over time to separate travel and luxury travel. Each one is continually changing each year as new trends emerge that send them in different directions as people’s demands change. At one point, luxury travel was defined by the amenities of the place you stayed at, but these days it has countless definitions as people apply newer ideas to luxury travel. This year is no different. 2017’s luxury travel is quickly shaping up to be something of its own and not just a successor to 2016. These trends will gradually define what people end up looking for in travel this year. You might already be ahead of things and be holding to a few of these trends before they become the prevailing opinion. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more prominent trends to see if this is the case.

Experience the World
Perhaps the biggest trend is the fact that luxury travel as a whole is beginning to orient itself towards catering to experiences rather than the idea of necessary opulence. What this translates to is that many people are beginning to focus on actually getting out into their travel destination and getting a sense of the culture around them to understand where it is they’ve traveled so far to reach. This means tours and cultural exhibitions are becoming particularly popular points on itineraries while stopping at the gift shop has become far less interesting. What kind of experience you want is what will ultimately define any given bit of travel. People interested in history may wish to discuss booking historical tour group seats with an agency while explorers might just want to get to their destination and find out what there is to do in the location on their own. The key to it all is making travel an experience again rather than just its price tag.

Scaling Down
Strangely enough, smaller destinations are also becoming increasingly popular. The large resorts that have dominated luxury travel for so long are gradually falling by the wayside as boutique hotels and other smaller locations take over. It ties back into the larger trend towards experiences. Many older resorts and hotels stick to the opulence that used to define luxury travel, but don’t necessarily offer the kind of personalized and intimate experience that luxury travelers want these days. No one wants to contend with countless people just to check into their hotel room. People don’t want to spend an excessive amount of time trying to reach their room. Smaller locations offer the ability for owners and staff to craft personalized experiences for each guests as well as making each suite more personal. These smaller locations are also typically able to offer more attentive service as there are fewer guests to attend to at any point. All in all it helps to ensure your travel experience is your own in every way possible.

Cruise lines are also adapting to the trend, but their shift has been happening over a more extended period of time. Larger companies are in a place to be able to tell where trends are going before anyone else and lately there have been more cruise ships of a smaller variety. These ships are more intimate affairs designed with the ability to travel up rivers in mind. As a result, nature watching cruises are becoming increasing popular. This is further in keeping with the idea of favoring experiences over everything else. River cruises are expected to continue to grow in popularity as they offer access to destinations that aren’t necessarily traditionally visited. This allows travelers to get deeper into the culture of the countries in which they travel and view the countryside around them. Some of the companies offering these trips market them as luxury expeditions to keep with the theme, but you can expect just as much care and attentiveness as you would on a normal cruise. The destination is simply different.

Luxury travel in 2017 is much more personal than it has been lately. The focus is all on creating memories from experiences rather than picking up trinkets or snapping forgettable photos. People want to actually be out in the world and getting to know all that it has to offer. There’s no shame in this and it offers a welcome new approach that will help change how we think about luxury travel for years to come. It also makes it the perfect time to get out there and find your personal adventure.

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