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Part of the spectacle of the red carpet is trying to anticipate not only who is going to show up next, but who they’ll be wearing. The red carpet has a particularly long history for waiting with bated breath to see just what style the women will be wearing. It never really changes. Whether people are looking for innovation, captivation, or imagination, the fact remains people will want to know the hands behind the outfits. This year there was plenty of beauty to be had roaming the various red carpet events and the women did their best to display their personality while still matching the gravitas of each event. There are always wild card designers at any event, but anyone will likewise know there are some seemingly eternal favorites.

Model at the Gucci show.

FashionStock.com / Shutterstock.com

Whether the design is timeless or more modern, Gucci clothing has a way of standing out on the red carpet. It has long been a favorite for celebrities thanks to its appeal to a visual flow and elegance. The right piece offers a calm yet distinct presence that doesn’t have to try to be recognized. This more subdued air lets Gucci clothing maintain its presence even when other celebrities attempt to draw attention by wearing some more…experimental. There’s nothing wrong with trying to stand out, but there will always be a space for a statelier approach to red carpet outfits. As one of the large fashion houses, Gucci had its share of presence across multiple red carpets, but no one outfit really stood out from the rest.

J. Lo wearing a Versace dress

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

It’s hard to follow up on a look that became so famous that it is, to this day, typically referred to as “that dress”. This hasn’t stopped Versace from continuing to cater to celebrities to this day. The design house’s clothing has never quite struck the same chord it did in 1994, but it has enjoyed notable successes along the way. Versace outfits found their way across the red carpets this year though with Lady Gaga and Brie Larson being among the most recognizable to be seen wearing them. In keeping with Versace’s philosophy, each outfit flatters its wearer immensely with the goal of ensuring that the person wearing the outfit feels confident in herself and her body. This is perhaps the source of Versace’s continual popularity when it comes to red carpet events.

Louis Vuitton bag

andersphoto / Shutterstock.com

Louis Vuitton
Whether being worn as an outfit or an accessory, there are few instances where you won’t see the hand of Louis Vuitton somewhere on the red carpet. There have actually been a number of people wearing outfits designed with the characteristic Louis Vuitton eye for patterns. One of the more noticeable looks was relatively recent when Alicia Vikander was seen wearing a truly scintillating dress with the design house’s look all over it. Others have likewise enjoyed the same kind of beauty and eye for detail on the red carpet. While Louis Vuitton isn’t always one of the bigger selections due to the occasionally interesting fashion tastes of celebrities, the design house continues to maintain its share of the red carpet.

New names rise and fall every year among fashion as to who is the next big thing, but the fashion houses remain constant fixtures on the red carpet. Each fashion house unceasingly tries to create its own vision of personal fashion and beauty to help find people who agree with them. It has yet to stop working and clearly proves the capability of the fashion houses themselves. So the next time you’re shopping and displaying your beauty, why not remember some of the names the beautiful people were wearing. You certainly deserve a chance to enjoy a similar experience.

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