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Will Fur Be In This Fall?

The trends in fashion for a season are set months ahead of the actual change of seasons. This is true around the world. While we’re adjusting to spring, designers are already rushing ahead to preview what to expect when fall and winter come around again. The London Collections show is one example of this. This year saw its share of trends manifesting with a few expected and one that was particularly unexpected: fur. Traditionally, the domain of luxurious womenswear, designers are beginning to see if they can exercise the potential for the material in menswear as well. This somewhat unexpected addition has actually led some people to wonder if that means that fur will be on trend again this year.

For Men
The European fashion houses showing off at London Collections actually made notable use of fur in the shows. This demonstrated a clear trend towards them not avoiding trying to incorporate it in both expected and unexpected ways. There were a number of examples of pushing fashion in a dramatic way, but many designers opted for slightly more conservative uses of fur. It was generally incorporated as an accent to or part of more traditional fall and winter menswear designs. Adding to a tried and true design allowed for innovation without gambling on a dramatic new look. The frequency of these designs makes it quite clear that European designs are drifting this way in menswear with a goal to break fashion traditions. Some industry observers credit the growing interest in blurring menswear and womenswear, in some ways, with causing the shift, but there is a rich tradition of men wearing furs. This is simply a move to ultimately make it fashionable again.

For Women
Fur never truly goes out of fashion in womenswear, but isn’t always the highlight of fashion. The truth is that the European fashion houses are also moving towards pushing fur for women as well. This was happening in more mixed showings than the London Collections. Women can similarly expect both dramatic and understated furs to make themselves known starting in fall 2016. You will recognize many of the fashion houses behind these paired pushes in fashion, and can expect innovation alongside traditional designs much like men. The overall shift indicates designers are hoping the winters will merit such warm clothing, but some people have expressed skepticism as to whether climate will allow the fashion industry to successfully push the fur trend for men and women. Additionally, the trend is waking the traditional objections to such clothing.

Ethical Concerns
While fur accents appear to be the most popular use for 2016, this hasn’t stopped humane societies and similar organizations around the world from highlighting the ethical issues with traditional furs. The poor conditions of animals raised for furs and the occasionally exploitive practices are once again beginning to take center stage. This is bringing questions of ethics back into the world of fashion. Much headway has been made in designing synthetic furs and these are seeing increasing use in fashion. These materials emulate the look and feel of furs without the need to harm an animal, but critics highlight they aren’t quite the same thing as a real fur. While synthetic fur does minimize potential allergy problems and offers a wide number of color options, it has yet to supplant traditional fur in the world of fashion. It is best to be mindful of these potential objections when looking into fashion for fall this year.

Everyone likes to look good and fashion designers are doing their best to spread around fur to share in the drama and beauty of the material. It brings with it numerous problems from outside the industry though. There will never be any denying that a good fur makes a wonderful addition to anyone’s wardrobe, but objections will also never stop. You will have to make your choice of fur looks come fall, but it is up to them to decide if it suits all your tastes instead of just aesthetic ones.

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