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Your Most Luxurious Lashes

Beauty is an art. You spend the time selecting just the right products to accentuate the features you like and draw the eyes away from ones you don’t like. You listen for the latest trends to make sure that you’re in style appropriately or your spend your time figuring out your own bold color choices that help define you. There’s always at least one thing that is bothersome to anyone trying to look their best. It varies from person to person, but many people have trouble with their eyelashes. OROGOLD decided that made for the perfect opportunity to put together a few quick tricks to share. These will give you ways to add a bit of extra life and beauty to your lashes if you feel their lacking or if you just want something extra.

Make Things Easier on Yourself
The eternal problem with doing your lashes is that you end up moving your hand every which way to get the wand in the right location. Then you have to worry about if you’re gotten the base of your eyelashes exposed enough to properly use the wand. That this hassle can happen daily doesn’t make it any easier to tolerate. OROGOLD recommends taking advantage of the fact that many wands are flexible. You can bend the flexible area to make the wand easier to use when you go to apply things. This means fewer awkward angles for your elbows and a better chance to apply the mascara in a way you’re satisfied with without feeling the need to tweak it. Make sure to carefully test to see if your mascara wand is capable of bending before trying this though. Just because many of them bend does not mean that all of them do.

Product Management
Eyelashes are frequently subjected to products just like the lips and both areas are likewise subject to frequent issues with moisture. Most people solve this with specialized products designed to resist the problem. Waterproof mascara is troublesome to get off though even when you have the right product. It is great for getting the look you want, but in the end you spend the last half of the night regretting ever applying it. There’s a small trick that can save your some tears of frustration though. Don’t just use waterproof mascara. The main issue is that applying waterproof mascara in coats means you have to go back down through every layer to remove it. Starting with a normal mascara will give a relatively easily removed base coat. Once your makeup remover starts getting through the waterproof product, it will be able to deal with the normal layer in no time and attack the waterproof product from within as well.

A Trick of the Light
There are other things that you can do to help emphasize your lashes as well. Nude makeup is enjoying a high popularity right now among designers around the world. The key to it being utilizing makeup in such a way that it is difficult for anyone to tell you’re wearing makeup at all. Eyelashes are difficult as most mascaras are a single, solid color that doesn’t account for the natural gradient of the lashes. Fortunately, you can use a similar trick to what we suggested for making waterproof mascara easier to remove to create full lashes that look like they’re that way simply due to nature. Use a darker shade of mascara as your base coat starting at the base of your lashes. After it has dried, apply a lighter shade, typically a brown, farther out along the lashes to give a light, subtle texture to the color of your lashes that looks natural while giving you all the volume you wanted from the mascara.

Eyelashes help your eyes stand out. They are what provide the emphasis and makes sure no one misses your eyes. You don’t need to settle for decent lashes when using these simple tricks from OROGOLD will let you make them bolder than ever before. All you need now is the right occasion to make the most of things.

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